About DFG

Why We Created This Site

Dogs play an essential role in peoples lives and are more than often considered part of the family!

The bond between humans and dogs is a special one that has lived for hundreds of years built on trust and loyalty.

Many would consider their dog to be there best friend as they are with you through thick and thin and offer that companionship that not everyone has.

My name is John and I’d like to say thank you for checking out our site!

As you can see, my golden retriever Henry is not shy of a photo and his cheeky personality is what we as a family love about him.

Meet the Team

A huge lover of outdoor life and slow-paced days! Loves nothing better than a cosy cottage, roaring fire, a dog asleep and a cold beer.

A huge lover of outdoor life and slow-paced days! Loves nothing better than a cosy cottage, roaring fire, a dog asleep and a cold beer.


Liane is a part time writer with a love of the great outdoors and red wine accompanied by her beloved golden retrievers. Her perfect day would be spent on a woodland dog walk, with a flask of coffee and a true crime podcast. Liane has a BA honours in counselling and psychotherapy but dreams of a full time career working with dogs.

My name is Donna, I am 55 years old and live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my partner, Isla a very demanding French bulldog , a guinea pig called Philip and around 30 tropical fish all named after Ru Paul’s drag queens.

Having grown up with dogs my whole life, there’s nothing better than walking in from work to see the excitement and joy on their faces!

My wife and I are fanatical dog lovers who have both had pets since our childhood’s. As a combined total, we have had 9 dogs between us and have now had Henry for the last 3 years. He is extremely mischievous but also loyal, great with kids, and a brilliant best friend!

We have always tried to incorporate our dogs on our holidays with us but have often been left frustrated over the years by the lack of properties or breaks that include fancy extras like a hot tub and allow you to bring your dogs.

Which is why I started this blog, my two passions in life, dogs and holidaying! And my wife’s love of hot tubs. Why not combine them and try to help other families who also struggle to find dog friendly places.

Whenever I tried searching for a holiday within the UK, it would take me hours to try and filter through hundreds of properties before I found all the cottages allowed but also still incorporated the luxury features we all love when on holiday.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was one site that had all!

Well now there is, Dog Friendly Getaways provide just that, everything you need for a fabulous holiday with the family, and this time, that includes your canine companion.

We are a small group of close friends based in the North East of England who are passionate about dogs and why they should be incorporated into family holidays as well.

Our aim is to provide you with any answers in relation to going on holiday with your dog. Whether that is what part of the UK to visit, what type of property best suits your requirements, things to do when your there, places to eat with your canine companion.

No matter what the question, we will strive to answer them to the best of our ability.

Our trusted team comes from a variety of backgrounds which include Journalism, Travel and Research. We are heavily involved in the doggy community and our main goal is to be a helpful and insightful guide for people who are looking to take their dog on holiday with them. 

We recently acquired the dogpeople.co.uk website which was closing so now our readership is growing even faster. 

Whether you’re looking for a cheap break, long weekend or action-packed family holiday. We have all the bases covered with our fantastic selection of dog friendly holidays and days outs throughout the UK.

So you never have to leave your best friend behind again!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the site, don’t forget to join in the conversation.