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I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had a dog in my life, From Rottweilers to Dalmations, Boxers, Staffies and these days a very needy little Frenchie, who I rescued from Hungary. I have spent my life surrounded by dog hair, bad breath and their unconditional love.

Working at DFG is perfect for me as I get to write about my 2 favourite topics dogs and travel.

I have been all over the world but find myself spending a lot of time sitting by the pool missing my pooches, pestering my daughter with texts checking how they are or boring other holiday makers to death scrolling through doggy photos.

That’s when I realised; you can have the best of both worlds (maybe not the weather) This country has some fabulous holiday destinations with loads you can do with your best friend by your side.

That was it, no more leaving my best friend at home I was on a mission to discover the delights of a staycation. I live in the North East, so the North Yorkshire coast was my first adventure, since then I have explored the Northumbrian coast and the Lakes too.

I’m a history buff so strolling round gardens of National Trust properties is my thing. Although I do love a deserted beach too and beautiful scenery, which is why Scotland is possibly my favourite place for a dog friendly break.

When I first began looking for dog-friendly locations, around 5 years ago it was a bit of a mission but these days there are tons of places that welcome pets,

Dog friendly getaways takes the stress out of looking for a mini-break or holiday as it not only gives you the best accommodation but pubs, days out, walks everything you need to enjoy quality time with your best friend.

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