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One of my earliest memories was playing with our dogs at around five years old. Fast forward 35 years later, and I am still picking up after dogs every day!

When I was a child, we had all kinds of breeds, from Yorkshire terriers (my mothers favourite) to boxer dogs and several little crossbreeds. It made no difference to us. We loved them all equally.

Because they’ve always been there, they have always been treated as part of the family; I will be the first to admit my wife Liane treats them better than she treats me half the time!

Being a dog lover and having spent a large part of my career in web publishing, and always having a passion for travel.

I knew I would end up in one of these two industries. I never thought I would be lucky enough to work on a project like DFG that combines both my biggest loves.

Today we live in the not sunny city of Newcastle in the North East of England. Although we are happy and settled as a family, we are well aware that there are tons of places across the UK that are vastly different from the North East.

We want our kids to see as much as possible of this great country of ours.

We first started booking holiday rentals around 15 years ago when we’re in our early 20’s. Cornwall was our first love, and we stayed several times at fantastic destinations like Looe, Polperro and St Ive’s.

Cornwall and the South West coastal region is another world from the North of England; the temperature change alone has you believing you’ve travelled to another country.

Since then, we have racked up more than 60 trips. We’ve tried all-inclusive beach holidays abroad and European city breaks, but we all agreed we like the fresh air and the openness of holidaying at home.

Also, we can’t bring ourselves to kennel the dogs, George and Henry. We did once when George was young, and we don’t want to do it again.

On this website, we are committed to sharing not only all the fantastic dog-friendly trips and days out we take but to go one further and find the best places to stay and visit in the UK that also welcome dogs.

We hope that pet owners will see that wherever you pitch up on our little island, there are great rentals and fantastic attractions to make an action-packed holiday or mini-break that our four-legged friends can enjoy also.

More and more dog owners choose staycations than ever before, and we hope to get right behind this trend of using and enjoying dog-friendly getaways.

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