The Best 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Polperro & 2022 Restrictions

Are you visiting Cornwall with your pets and looking for dog friendly beaches in Polperro? You’re in luck. Tucked away down in south Cornwall, the village and beach is a fantastic holiday resort that is just within reach of Looe. It’s also well known for being a particular favourite of dog owners.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top dog friendly beach experiences Polperro and Looe have to offer. If you’re looking for dog pubs in Polperro near the coast path, make sure to check out some of our favourite spots in the guide linked.

There’s plenty to see and do across the beach towns down on this unassuming end of Cornwall. If you and your four-legged friend are looking for a coast stroll or two without the hustle and the bustle of the tourist spots, then you’re really heading in the right direction.

The Best Polperro Dog Friendly Beaches

1. Polperro Beach

Polperro Beach itself is, of course, the highlight of the local coast. The great news is that this wonderful holiday walk is welcoming to dogs full stop. If you’re looking to sample the best Polperro dog friendly beaches, then you really cannot do much better.

The sandy beach of Polperro is a popular beach amongst walkers and anglers alike! Polperro is famous in local Looe for being a fishing village, which means you’ll be able to sample some angling from tide to tide, as well as to take your pooch on a walk or two down the beach itself.

The beautiful little village of Polperro is a great place to spend the day basking in all of the sunshine and the sea breeze that you can get! Of course, your pup will absolutely love it too and they are very welcome to enjoy of the wonders of the beach.

Keep aware to look out for car park facilities if you are travelling from afar, and take note, too, that there are no lifeguard services round this stretch of coast.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards:  No
  • Address: Polperro Beach, Polperro, South Cornwall PL13 2QY
  • Facilities Near By: Shops, cafes, restaurants

2. Lantic Bay

Lantic Bay is perhaps even more secluded than Polperro’s eponymous dog friendly beach – meaning if you really want to go off the beaten coast path, this spot is likely to be a great port of call for you.

This beautiful little beach near Polperro is situated in a cove, making it a quiet spot to spend a relaxing afternoon with the dog by the waves. It’s truly magnificent to behold!

It is important to note, however, that in order to access the beach, there is a steep and quite difficult way down into the cove that could be dangerous. If you are planning on bringing your dog, then do be careful making your way down and along. There’s more information available from the National Trust.

Should you happen to spend an afternoon here, however – even at low tide – you will be able to see beautiful blue waters and soft white sand that is perfect for sunbathing and dog walking. Providing you can safely access the beach, this corner of Cornwall is absolutely breathtaking. Take a look at a few photos if you don’t believe us!

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards:  No
  • Address: Lantic Bay, Fowey, South Cornwall, PL23 1NP
  • Facilities Near By: No facilities directly near Lantic Bay beach

3. Talland Bay

Talland Bay is a Coast Path favourite, popular with local people and perhaps a little bit of a hidden gem for tourists exploring beyond the southern Cornwall villages. You’ll find this beach walk for you and your dogs pretty close to Looe, meaning there are also lots of lovely dog friendly walks in Polperro nearby.

Again, situated near Polperro, Talland Bay is a beautiful little stretch that actually has two beaches. Both of them are accessible and easy to swim in at high tide, however, one of the beaches is not easily swimmable at low tide – so pick wisely. There are no lifeguards around this area, so keeping vigilant of you and your dogs is absolutely vital.

There is a ramp for boats and both beaches have beautiful blue waters – stunningly surrounded by green, grassy hills, making it a very picturesque place to spend the day. The most important aspect of both, of course, is that they are open to dogs all year round.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards:  No
  • Address: Talland Bay, Looe, South Cornwall PL13 2JA
  • Facilities Near By: Cafes, restaurants, car parking

When are dogs allowed on beaches in Polperro?

Walks across the sand and shingle beach scene in Polperro are normally pretty dog friendly regardless of type. However, there are some cases where your dog walk may be cut short. That’s because some dog friendly beaches near Polperro have a dog ban in place to protect the local sands.

This likely won’t mean you and your dogs aren’t allowed on the beach at all – it will just mean there are times or zones you need to pay attention to. Always look for information on dog restrictions before you visit any strolls close to the coast in Cornwall.

Normally, you’ll find the beaches down here pretty welcoming!

Why Head Down the South West Coast Path with Dogs?

The South West Coast Path is an absolute highlight of Cornwall both for dog lovers and for avid walkers. Polperro is just one village scenes close to beach ambles that you’ll find down this end of the county, and if you’re keen to escape the noisier tourist area in mainland Cornwall, then you’re really heading to the right place.

The dog friendly beach scene in Polperro, from low to high tide, is absolutely magnificent. As you can see from our Cornwall picks above, many of the beaches around this end of the county are extremely welcoming. However, as you get more and more into the rugged coastal reaches Cornwall has to offer, the less likely it will be that you have lifeguard support. So, it makes sense to have a lead for your pup and to be very careful.

However, you do have a wonderful beach selection to choose from down here. The three picks for the best dog friendly beach in Polperro above are just the start. Head from the harbour scene round towards Lansallos Beach and Seaton Beach, for example. You’ll find lots of sandy stretches out here, great for anyone keen to really fill their lungs with that wonderful sea air.

Cornwall holiday escapes down here such as those near to Hannafore Beach and Mount Edgcumbe Country Park are well worth looking into. All of the villages down this end of England are delightful, and you might even find a quaint beach cafe or two while you stroll around. You just need to make sure you know your rights when it comes to pet restrictions!

Do also keep an eye out for facilities wherever possible. Toilets, car park spots, shops – you may need them all at short notice. Thankfully, many of the dog friendly beaches in Cornwall are well-equipped to help you. Looe itself, in fact, is replete with pretty much all the mod cons you’re likely to demand.

Last Word

Looking for dog friendly cottages in Polperro or Looe? We really cannot blame you. Southern Cornwall, Looe and the village scene – heading out towards Polperro Beach – absolutely deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Take your pup on one of the many dog walks in Polperro and see what you can find! Cornwall is famous for its gorgeous beach strolls – but it’s the beach communities down in Polperro and Looe you should be looking for the most.