The Best 5 Dog Friendly Beaches in Weymouth & 2022 Restrictions

With a rich history, beautiful landscapes and ideal beaches, there’s no wonder that this part of Dorset on its own welcomes more than 2 million people every year! If you are planning a day out in Weymouth, elsewhere in Dorset, or down close to the South West Coast Path, there’s lots to see and do. If you’re a pet lover, we’ve made your life even easier with our picks of the best dog friendly beaches in Weymouth.

Dog friendly beaches near Weymouth are memorable for all the right reasons, largely thanks to the fact there are plenty where dogs are allowed all year round. Of course, you also benefit from that perfect seaside town facade, too. Whether you’re down near Chesil Beach or Monkey Beach, make a point to check what beach allows dogs before you go.

The top five Weymouth dog friendly beaches we list here are not only great fun for all the family, but also have clear rules and guidelines. We’ve run Dorset with a fine toothcomb to find these beautiful beaches – so why not book yourself one of the top properties in the area and make a real holiday out of it?

When are dogs allowed on beaches in Weymouth, Dorset?

What’s brilliant about dog friendly beaches near Weymouth is that they are, in the main, really welcoming all year round. There are, of course, some beaches in Dorset that have dog restrictions in place. Therefore, it’s a really good idea to check for any dog ban listings before you visit, mainly because the last thing you’ll want to happen is to be turned around! In some cases, you may simply need to take your dog on a lead depending on where you day trip. Take a look through the top three dog beaches below, and you’ll also find we have listed restrictions (if any) that will apply. Take a look beyond the beaches at our guide to the best dog days out in Weymouth, too, for more fun ideas beyond the dog friendly beaches in Dorset.

The Best Beaches in Weymouth and the South West Coast Path for Dogs

Weymouth Beach

Of course – where better to start than Weymouth Beach itself? The central sandy stretch here is, thankfully, very dog accommodating. This dog friendly beach in Weymouth is something of a family favourite, with plenty of seaside fun and lots of facilities. It just so happens that dogs are allowed to walk with you and join in the fun through much of the year.

Of course, do keep in mind that there are dog restrictions in place here between Easter and the end of October. Any other time of year, and you’ll be able to take your dogs down for the odd trot. Even in quiet seasons, the coastlines here are still wonderful to walk down, but you’ll need to make sure you have some thermals to hand!

This beach is very close to the town centre of Weymouth itself, making it one of the most accessible beaches for all kinds of amenities. That applies to both you and your dogs, of course!

This is a sand and shingle beach, which means it should appeal to dog walkers and four legged friends who are looking for more than just a sandy stretch or two. On the back of a walk along the Jurassic Coast, head down here for some of that famous Dorset hospitality and even more amazing views.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: Yes (Between Easter and October)
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: Weymouth Beach, Weymouth DT4 7AX
  • Facilities Near By: Food and drink, promenade, family attractions, toilets, car park

Bowleaze Cove

The brilliant Bowleaze Cove is wonderfully pebbly and certainly makes for one of the more interesting dog walking zones in the Weymouth region. It’s a couple of miles away from the town centre, but it’s certainly worth heading out here with your four-legged friend just to explore the gorgeous sights for miles ahead.

This is also a cult hit in terms of dog friendly beaches near Weymouth thanks to the history surrounding the area. For example, there are Roman ruins nearby Jordan Hill, making it a superb heritage spot if you have had your fill up at Hengistbury Head, or National Trust sites nearby.

This beach connects close to the River Jordan and has tons of family-friendly spots, meaning it’s well worth looking up more information on this beach if you’re serious about bringing your furry friend and more. It’s great for rock pooling as well as for watersports.

Bowleaze Cove dogs are some of the happiest in the county! This is a bright, breezy beach walk that we challenge even the grumpiest of dogs to give a go. Pack a lead just in case, and check out the best dog walks in Weymouth, too – such as close to Highcliffe Castle and Mudeford Quay.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No (dogs are allowed all year)
  • Lifeguards: No
  • Address: Bowleaze Cove and Beach, Near Weymouth, DT3 6PR
  • Facilities Near By: Cafe, toilets, car park / parking

Lulworth Cove

For the ultimate dog friendly stretch of beach in Weymouth that really gives you the best of nature and the rugged coastline, Lulworth Cove is an absolutely perfect holiday destination. This shingle and sand beach is shaped like a horseshoe, and much like Bowleaze above, it is a natural cove with plenty of nooks and crannies. It’s a superb alternative to the main Weymouth Bay if you are looking for somewhere along the landscape that’s quieter to walk.

Dogs are welcome at Lulworth all year round, which will be brilliant news to those looking for places around Dorset that openly allow paws to pad down the sandy stretches. This is also a brilliant launching point for trips around Mupe Bay, where you’ll be able to explore the wider region via boat.

Lulworth may not be the most obvious Weymouth dog friendly beach on the map as it’s not heaving with tourists, but it does have its good share of facilities and amenities. We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to find a beach hut or beach house down here. The beach area is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s certainly worth exploring with dogs all year round.

We love beaches for dogs such as Lulworth – it’s one of the best looking beaches in the region, and one you’re going to want to take lots of photos of.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No (but maybe safer to keep on leads)
  • Lifeguards: No
  • Address: Lulworth Cove and Beach, Near Weymouth BH20 5RH
  • Facilities Near By: Toilets, pub, boat launches, car park

Church Ope Cove

Situated on the Isle of Portland, Church Ope Cove is one of several beaches close enough to Weymouth for convenient trips with your dogs in and out of the town centre. The beach itself can only be accessed over a steep set of stairs, so is not accessible to everyone. The beach also has no lifeguard service and due to the strong currents, it isn’t necessarily the best place to go for a swim, especially if you have children.

However, the water is practically crystal clear and is definitely on an interesting part of the island, one where dolphins are regularly noticed! That is why this beach is particularly popular for snorkelers and divers. Yet another reason why the beach is popular is that it is open to dogs year round! If you are struggling to find beaches in Dorset where dogs can roam freely across the year, Church Ope is likely to be a great pick.

The walk along to Church Ope Cove along the surrounding hills is a memorable trail for dogs and owners alike. Why not stop to visit Rufus Castle and the ruins of old St Andrew’s Church? If you decide to come here, do not forget your camera or to get your phone out! To call this magical site photogenic would be an understatement!

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards: No 
  • Address: Pennsylvania Rd, Isle of Portland, Portland DT5 1HT
  • Facilities Near By: Cafe, caravan park, beach huts for hire, toilets

 Lyme Regis

The main beach out at Lyme Regis is world famous and just happens to be one of the best beaches in Dorset for dogs and families. The beautiful little town has a very rich history, dating back to the 8th Century. Lyme is very popular among fossil hunters and is in fact the birth place of Mary Anning, one of the world’s most famous palaeontologists. There is lots to to explore here, including the sand and pebble beach. 

Lyme Regis Beach is a great destination for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, diving, sailing, swimming, surfing and water skiing, as well as lots of other activities! It’s also famously the setting for the book and film ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ – if you like a bit of culture while walking your dogs!

From the beach you will be able to see the beautiful green hills surrounding the area as well as the colourful promenade that backs onto the sand.

Due to the fact that the beach is directly next to the town, you will have access to a wealth facilities – meaning you won’t have to go far to give your dogs something to eat or drink. For that reason, it’s one of the best connected dog friendly beaches in Dorset.

You’ll be able to walk dogs on the front here between October and April, though in peak season, you’ll have to stick to the Promenade. You’ll likely find that’s a common request across many beaches! Better grab that dog lead!

  • Seasonal Restrictions: Yes
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3JH
  • Facilities Near By: Promenade, cafes, restaurants, shops

 Last Word

The south coast of England is absolutely full of great beaches and dog walks. You’ll also find some pet friendly pubs in Weymouth to relax in, too!

From Fleet Lagoon, Ringstead Bay and Hengistbury Head to Worbarrow Bay, Durdle Door West and Cogden Beach, there’s actually a lot more to the dog friendly beach scene down in Dorset than we give credit for here. Dogs are allowed to roam around all kinds of friendly beaches close to Weymouth, meaning it’s likely well worth looking into the best dog days out in Weymouth. Don’t worry – we have a guide for that!

Dorset is one of those corners of England that combines the best of beach and countryside vistas. It’s also more than just beach, beach, beach – there are lots of lovely towns and villages around Weymouth where you and your dogs are definitely going to want to tour around. Of course, you should only ever use our guide to the best dog friendly beaches in Dorset and Weymouth as good launching pads! Many of the dog friendly Weymouth cottages are also nearby, serving as a great base for fun days out.

Keep your eyes peeled for local toilets, car parks, shops, beach huts and cafes, too, when touring Weymouth, Poole and Bournemouth. You never really know when you might need them! Why not take a look at further dog friendly beaches along Kimmeridge Bay, the Isle of Purbeck and the Tank Teeth Boundary? Don’t forget to bring a lead.