The Best 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Whitby & 2021 Restrictions

Are you looking for dog friendly beaches in Whitby? When many of us think about Yorkshire coastal adventures, many of us immediately think of the area that’s fast become known as Vampire Country. It’s actually a hotbed for pet friendly walks, dogs-allowed beaches and sandy stretches – why not take a look around?

Whitby is a marvellous fishing town in Yorkshire that’s full of seaside charm. There’s little wonder why so many dog lovers head up here in search of a sheltered, sandy beach or two. The North Yorkshire coast really does start here, and we dare say it’s the heart of pup-friendly coastal fun in the region.

When are dogs allowed on beaches in Whitby

While it shouldn’t be too hard to find Whitby dog friendly beaches, there are some areas where you’re going to need to keep pets on leads. You may also find that there are some beaches in Whitby where dog blocking policies are in effect, or there are at least dog restrictions. While all the Whitby beach scenes listed below have clear dog policies in place and will always welcome pets, do always make sure to check what’s expected of you before you travel. Why not look for doggie days out in Whitby close by in local Yorkshire, too?

The Best Beaches in Whitby for Dogs

Whitby West Cliff Beach (A Sheltered, Sandy Beach)

The West Cliff section of the main Whitby Beach is a very popular spot for dog walkers, and while the larger sandy beach beyond tends to be more popular with the masses, the western end is chock full of beach chalets and children’s paddling pool facilities. Therefore, it’s a great catch-all solution for family breaks.

This dog’s friendly beach is supported by lifeguards during high season, and if the colourful beach huts don’t catch your eye, then the amazing views across the water will. The sheltered sandy beach at Tate Hill will also be of particular interest to dog owners, particularly as it tends to be a bit quieter than the other end of West Pier.

Beyond West Pier, Dogs are generally allowed here, but down towards the southern end of the beach, you won’t be able to take your pets. Otherwise, this main chunk of coastal fun is wide open and is a very dog-friendly beach in Whitby – just make sure that you keep an eye on seasonal notices, too, as limits may vary depending on where you head to.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: Yes (Some areas – off-season is the most dog friendly)
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: West Cliff Beach, Whitby, Yorkshire YO21 3EN
  • Facilities Near By: Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants, Public Toilets, Beach Huts, Ice Cream Parlour

Sandsend to Whitby (Beyond Whitby Beach and West Pier)

Sandsend Beach is an absolutely beautiful stretch of sand that’s likely to appeal to anyone who doesn’t fancy the busier northern end of the coastline. If Whitby Beach really doesn’t strike you or your four-legged friend, then you can always take dogs (during off-season) on the Sandsend to Whitby trail, a fantastically clean and pristine walk.

You’ll especially want to take to this area at low tide for the full stretch, offering you more of a coastal expanse to stroll down than you can expect from other dog-friendly beaches near Whitby. Sandsend is also amazingly popular for its links to the famous Whitby Abbey, and the fact that you can pretty much take your dogs all the way down towards the town centre itself.

You’ll get donkey rides and the like at the main beach, but this is still a spectacular walk for dog lovers and a fantastically family-friendly beach. Take the beach steps down and take in the glorious views.

Why not look for some of the best dog walks in Whitby nearby, too?

  • Seasonal Restrictions: Yes (May to September)
  • Lifeguards: No
  • Address: Sandsend, Whitby, Yorkshire YO21 3SU
  • Facilities Near By: Cafes, independent shops, pub

Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is a little bit out of Whitby itself, but it remains one of the most dog-friendly beaches in the area. Unlike the central Whitby beach, Robin Hood is welcoming to dogs all year round, with absolutely no restrictions in place. If you’re happy to take a trip away from the larger sandy beach for a more pet-friendly experience, you should absolutely head here first.

Robin Hood’s Bay is absolutely gorgeous to behold from the south end to the east side and everywhere in between. There are scores of rock pools, and at low tide, you will have the whole of the beach to discover and explore with your pets. It’s just as beautiful when the water comes in, but naturally, you won’t have much space to walk across.

While there are Whitby dog-friendly beaches close to the town centre, it is well worth looking a bit further to find the best pet walks on the sands. If the smaller Tate Hill beach doesn’t appeal to you either, then Robin Hood really does offer a good middle point approach that’s likely to appeal to plenty of dog lovers.

There’s lots of ancient history here, some of it dating back to the age of dinosaurs, while there are pirate legends to explore here, too. It’s a fascinating day out for all the family.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards: No
  • Address: Robin Hoods Bay, Whitby, Yorkshire YO22 4SJ
  • Facilities Near By: Promenade, cafes, restaurants, independent shops

Visiting Whitby with Dogs

In our collective opinion, Whitby is a jewel in the crown of the North Yorks coast. Why not take a look at our guide to pet friendly pubs in Whitby if you’re in the area, too?

From the West Pier of Whitby Beach itself towards Upgang Beach and inland towards the River Esk, there are many more great sandy walks that you might want to discover beyond our beach guide. The fact is if you’re looking for a top dog’s friendly beach, Whitby is absolutely the community you should be heading towards.

Of course, there are plenty of things you should plan for when it comes to beach trips with dogs. Not only should you look for public facilities and windbreak hire, for example, but you should also start identifying restricted areas before you travel. Even if you travel towards the other side of Whitby where you might think the end of the beach is more friendly, there may still be a dog ban or two in place.

Whitby is sure to give you that quintessential Yorkshire beach experience. The Yorkshire Coast is absolutely magnificent to behold, and you can see for miles from almost any Whitby beach where you can take pets.

This is one corner of the country you and your four-legged friend will remember for all the right reasons. For you? Amongst the colourful beach huts, the donkey rides and more, it’s a super friendly beach scene that Yorkshire locals and travellers from afar are sure to adore for all the right reasons.