The Best 7 Dog Friendly Beaches in Yorkshire & 2023 Restrictions

Yorkshire is famously referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. From the majesty of the North York Moors down to the beaches across Whitby, Scarborough and Filey, it’s an absolute haven for dogs and their owners, too.

But what about dog friendly beaches in Yorkshire – what can you expect from a doggie beach? In this beach guide, we’ve rounded up seven of the best along with times when you can freely explore the sea and sands with your dog.

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From Hunmanby Gap to Whitby Tate Hill Beach, the Yorkshire coast is absolutely bursting with spectacular views and that quintessential seaside experience. 

From sea views to traditional ice cream, curious rocks and pebbles to seaside town familiarities, some of the best dog friendly beaches in the north of England are right here in Yorkshire.

Before you go looking along beaches at South Bay in Scarborough or up to the Coble Landing, check out our guide to Yorkshire beaches and towns where you and your four-legged friends will find plenty of things to do and sights to see. 

Take a good look through our guide to the pet friendly days out in Yorkshire while you’re here!

When Are Dogs Allowed on Beaches in Yorkshire?

For this list, we have found seven of the best dog friendly beaches near Yorkshire that will happily welcome your dogs. However, keep aware that there may be some dog restrictions on beaches that have been put into place for everyone’s good. 

You may come across some signs or even a beach guide that will ask you to keep your dog on a lead or keep them away from certain designated zones. This is usually due to the influx of people that come to popular beaches during the warmer seasons. 

Either way, do remember to clean up after your dog to help keep the beaches clean and make sure that as many places as possible remain dog friendly! 

Dog restrictions are often in place for a reason, across the Yorkshire coast and elsewhere – to protect your dogs as well as everyone else.

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Yorkshire

1. Flamborough North Beach

This beautiful dog friendly beach in Yorkshire is surrounded by chalk cliffs and pretty hills. It is in fact in a natural cove, so it is quite remote and will guarantee that you have a nice, quiet day out at the beach. 

It’s also amazingly picturesque along with the Flamborough Head, making it perfect for any shutterbugs and landscape photographers.

Of course, being in Yorkshire, the water will be a little chilly to go swimming in occasionally – and coming to the beach in boots won’t do you any harm on this pebble beach! 

From coast to coast, this is one of our favourite dog friendly beaches purely for the fact that it is so stunning to behold.

As it’s so close to all the canine-friendly holiday homes around Bridlington, you can also head back inland a little bit to sample local shops, ice cream parlours and more with your dog.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No 
  • Lifeguards: No 
  • Address: Flamborough Road, Flamborough, Bridlington North Yorkshire YO15 1BJ
  • Facilities Near By: Cafe, toilets, parking, bins, slipway

Most importantly, your dog is welcome on this beach year-round – and you will be able to walk along the cliffs, over the hills and on the beach with your four-legged friend. 

Toilets and a nearby cafe are also at your disposal, making it ideal for relaxed days out with family, friends and dogs alike. It’s certainly worth getting those paws sandy across this delightful stretch of coastline. 

Why not find a pet friendly cottage in Yorkshire over on this page.

2. Robin Hood’s Bay

Yes – we’ve talked about Robin’s Bay elsewhere, but it remains one of our absolute favourite Yorkshire dog friendly beaches. 

This beautiful dog beach situated in North Yorkshire is very popular with photographers thanks to its gorgeous cliffside, hills and coastal village, just next to the beach itself.

The picturesque village is home to plenty of Yorkshire’s top pet friendly pubs and cafes for you to have a nice warm cup of tea or something a bit stronger, with the whole family!

That, more often than not, is going to include your dogs!

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No 
  • Lifeguards: No 
  • Address: Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, YO15 3QL
  • Facilities Near By: Campsite, restaurants/beach cafe, toilets, museum, parking

At low tide, you can enjoy the sandy, pebble beach as well as spending some time paddling around in the rock pools. In fact, the beach is quite a popular area for fossil hunters!

That being said, it still remains a relatively quiet spot, and this dog friendly beach is a wonderful place to visit year-round with dogs. 

During the summer, if you need to get to some cooler air and want a nice, quiet day out, Robin Hood’s Bay beach is well-linked to bracing walks, seaside villages and more besides.

3. Wilsthorpe Beach

This large, sandy beach is perfect for a beach day out for everyone, including the dog. It is definitely one of the best areas on the map for you to take everyone, including your dog, for a day or two.

The dog friendly beach itself is backed by grass-covered dunes and small cliffs. The landscape surrounding the area is definitely not to be missed either! Wilsthorpe Beach is a great day out for history lovers, as the area was defended during the Second World War – and to this day, you are able to see anti-tank blocks along the sand.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No 
  • Lifeguards: No 
  • Address: Wilsthorpe Beach, Wilsthorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire YO15 3QL
  • Facilities Near By: Campsite, toilets, bins, slipway

The beach is also a very popular area for fishing, windsurfing and canoeing, as well as dog walking! The soft sand is perfect for walking barefoot and it will be nice and soft on your dogs’ paws too. 

The wide-open walks here will appeal to owners and dogs alike, and the best part about this beach is that there are no dog restrictions in place whatsoever.

This holiday retreat boasts a campsite nearby and is also fantastic for anyone keen to sample authentic medieval history along with a genuine Yorkshire seaside backdrop. 

It’s one of the best beaches for all-around fun. Some of the other must-see beaches in the area include Runswick beach and Cayton Bay beach.

4. Runswick Bay

Among the many beaches in Yorkshire, one of the most picturesque stretches is certainly Runswick Bay. 

The beaches at Runswick are backed by beautiful green cliffs, that are perfect for dog walking and admiring the views surrounding the area. At the top end of the bay, you will be able to fund the small village of Runswick.

Although you will not be able to bring your car into the village, this quaint little beach town is perfect for a nice stroll back in time. 

There are no dog restrictions down on the beach, however, so go ahead and explore.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No (welcome all year round)
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: Runswick Bay, Runswick, North Yorkshire, TS13 5HT
  • Facilities Near By: Campsite, toilets, bins, slipway, cafe, car parking 

The beach itself is great for canoeists, surfers, sailors and fishers alike. Most importantly, your dog will have access to the beach throughout the year. 

There’s no doubt that you and your dog will love spending an entire day in a quiet, beautiful, natural area with some other interesting wildlife, such as the seals off the beach that are often spotted by tourists. 

You could make a weekend of it and stay at the local campsite, not far from the beach.

5. Hornsea South Beach

Yet another beach on this list that welcomes dogs all year round is the South Beach up in Hornsea. This sand and shingle beach has quite an interesting history, being a popular seaside destination during the Victorian era. It was at that point that the town of Hornsea first became a seaside resort!

The dog friendly beach is protected by a sea wall and groynes, set up ever since a particularly bad storm in the early 20th Century raised local fears of villages getting damaged! 

Thankfully, this is now one of the safest dog friendly beaches in the area, thanks also due to the presence of lifeguard stations on the beach.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: Hornsea South Beach, Hornsea, Yorkshire, HU18 1PZ
  • Facilities Near By: Toilets, bins, promenade, cafes, restaurants, shops, car park 

As a place to take the family out for the day, Hornsea really is quite the ideal seaside location! A nice promenade backs the beach and in the town you will have your choice of cafes/restaurants, shops and toilets.

There are no times of year when you can’t bring dogs to Hornsea South, making it one of the most dog friendly spots in Yorkshire. Why not start here?

6. Cayton Beach

If you are looking for a quieter day out with just you and your dog, then Cayton Bay could be the place to go. 

Not too far from Scarborough, Cayton offers a sand beach that is backed by cliffside and has a very rural feel.

Unlike many beaches now that are backed by promenades, piers and little towns and villages, Cayton Beach shows very few signs of civilisation, making it an ideal place to go if you are looking for a peaceful walk with dogs. It’s even great for the odd hike at times with your dog, but take care!

  • Seasonal Restrictions: No
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: Cayton Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3NP 
  • Facilities Near By: Surf School, car parking, shop

Dog friendly beaches such as Cayton are mainly popular with sailors, surfers and windsurfers, as it does indeed get very breezy out here on this beach! 

It is also important to know that, although it has been forbidden, Cayton Bay is known for being a bit of a naturist beach. Don’t be surprised if you and your dog catch some people out of their swimsuits! 

7. Scarborough North Bay

Scarborough is one of Britain’s most famous seaside resorts with hotels, caravan parks and superb canine friendly rentals dotted around Scarborough. The North Bay beach is just one of many dog friendly beaches in the area.

Offering two beautiful sandy beaches, a Victorian promenade backing the beaches, stunning cliffside to surround and all kinds of different activities opening up and around, North Bay is certainly one of the more popular sandy spots in the region.

  • Seasonal Restrictions: Yes (No dogs are allowed between May 1st and September 30th)
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Address: North Bay, Scarborough, YO12 7TP, UK 
  • Facilities Near By: Shops, cafes, restaurants, car parking, slipway, Sea Life Centre, Peashholm Park 

That being said, it is important to know that whilst your dog is allowed on Scarborough North Bay for quite a bit of the year, they will not be allowed on the beach between May 1st to September 30th. 

Since the beaches in Scarborough are so popular, they are filled with tourists during the summer and allowing dogs to run free on the beach could be hazardous.

Of course, you can still walk your dog along the cliffside and the promenade during the summer months, although it would be advised to always keep them on a lead. Check out South Bay beach, part of the same land, too!

Last Word

If you are looking for beaches in Yorkshire that are bright, breezy and always accommodating, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. Keep in mind that the three beaches we list of you above are only the start of your potential dog friendly seaside adventures with your dogs across the heritage coast. 

However, do also take the time to dive into days out in Yorkshire with dogs, too. There’s much to see and explore for all the family (including dogs), from the Bempton Cliffs across to Hunmanby Gap and Whitby Abbey, the quaint seaside fun down on the beaches in Filey, and of course the rock pools and tourist action in the centres of Scarborough and Filey.

You might even fancy heading a bit further out to explore the South Landing or wider Fraisthorpe. 

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from making a real holiday of it, from lighthouse spotting to rock pooling, or just the occasional walk with dogs around the odd nature reserve. The fact is, we love Yorkshire beaches – and you will, too.



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