The UK's Best Dog Friendly Days Out Near You (500+ Places)

Finding things to do with the family sometimes seems like a hard enough task, but trying to find great dog friendly days out is even harder. We are committed to unearthing all the top dog-friendly attractions and things to do with pets from around the UK. 

Table of Contents

Dog Friendly Places Your Four-Legged Friends Will Love

1. Lake District

2. Windermere

3. Troutbeck


5. Scarborough

6. Whitby

7. Northumberland

8. Newcastle

9. Cornwall

10. The Peak District

11. Cumbria

12. Wales

13. Devon

14. Torquay

15. Somerset


17. Aviemore

18. Dundee

19. Northern Highlands

20. Inverness

21. Isle of Wight

22. The Cotswolds

23. Norfolk

24. Dorset

25. Bournemouth

26. Weymouth

27. Hampshire


29. Warwickshire

30. Cheshire

31. Nottinghamshire

32. Leicestershire

33. Gloucestershire

34. Essex

35. Suffolk

36. Kent

37. Sussex

38. Brighton

39. Lancashire

40. Blackpool

41. Derbyshire

42. Shropshire

43. Surrey

44. Worcestershire

45. Cambridgeshire

46. The Midlands

47. Lincolnshire

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