The Best Dog Friendly Gardens in Yorkshire: (Ultimate List)

Scenic view of a tranquil lake surrounded by lush greenery at a dog-friendly Yorkshire garden, as seen from the vantage point of a majestic old oak tree

Yorkshire, a beautiful and diverse county in the UK, is a paradise for dog owners and furry friends.

With an abundance of dog-friendly gardens, parks, and country estates to explore, there’s no shortage of places for you and your pup to enjoy.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best dog-friendly gardens in Yorkshire and nearby places to stay to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Let’s dive in!

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1. The Yorkshire Arboretum

  • Where: Castle Howard, York
  • How Big: 120 Acres
  • Open: 1 February to 30 November

At the Yorkshire Arboretum, you can marvel at the magnificent trees from around the world while your canine companion sniffs around the expansive grounds. With various walking routes available, you and your dog can enjoy this stunning location’s natural beauty and tranquillity.

Explore the peaceful woodland walks, discover the enchanting wildflower meadows, and take a break by one of the many serene lakes. The Arboretum also hosts various events throughout the year, including dog-friendly activities and guided tours, ensuring there’s always something new to experience.

Where to Stay: This selection of pet-friendly holiday homes in Pickering is less than 20 miles / 30 minutes drive away.

2. Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park

A peaceful view of modern art at the Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park in Yorkshire
  • Where: Ripon, North Yorkshire
  • How Big: 45 Acres
  • Open: 4th April – 29th October 2023

The Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park is a hidden gem in the North Yorkshire countryside. This dog-friendly garden boasts a unique collection of over 80 contemporary sculptures set amidst stunning landscaping.

As you wander through the picturesque grounds, you’ll discover colourful rhododendrons, azaleas, and other exotic plants that create a vibrant backdrop for your day out with your furry friend.

The park also features winding woodland trails, tranquil ponds, and a delightful tea room to enjoy a well-earned break with your pup. Check their seasonal opening hours before planning your visit to ensure a memorable experience.

Where to Stay: These cosy dog friendly holiday cottages in Skipton provide a comfortable base for exploring the area and are under 31 miles from the park and will take about 50 minutes by car.

3. Falling Foss Tea Garden

A large cascading waterfall hurdling down into the pool of water below in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Where: Whitby, North Yorkshire
  • How Big: 67 Acres
  • Open: April to September, Daily Subject to Weather

Falling Foss Tea Garden is an enchanting dog-friendly destination set within a magical woodland location. Surrounded by the natural beauty of North Yorkshire, this idyllic spot is perfect for a day out with your four-legged friend.

Explore the numerous walking trails that weave through the area, taking you past the mesmerising Falling Foss waterfall, the ancient woodland, and the meandering May Beck. After working up an appetite, treat yourself and your pup to a delicious homemade cake or a traditional cream tea at the charming Falling Foss Tea Garden.

The garden is open daily, permitting the weather, providing ample opportunity to enjoy this captivating haven with your furry companion.

Where to Stay: These holiday cottages in Whitby for pet owners are perfect retreats nearby. They are less than 6 miles from the waterfall and will only take about 15 minutes by car.

4. Burton Agnes Hall Gardens

An Elizabethan manor house behind a sculpture in the middle of the path
  • Where: Driffield, East Yorkshire
  • How Big: 109 Acres
  • Open: Seasonal, check the website.

Burton Agnes Hall Gardens offers you and your dog a diverse and enchanting experience. The Elizabethan mansion is surrounded by 109 acres of stunning gardens, including a woodland walk, a colourful walled garden, and a beautiful labyrinth. You and your pup can spend hours discovering the carefully designed grounds, with every twist and turn revealing a new delight.

The gardens also feature several contemporary sculptures and art installations, adding extra interest to your visit. Dogs are welcome on a lead in the gardens, ensuring they can share in the magic of Burton Agnes Hall.

Where to Stay: Browse dog-friendly accommodation in Bridlington for a convenient place to stay nearby as they are located 6 miles away and you can drive to the gardens in under 20 minutes.

5. Dearne Valley Country Park

A peaceful fishing pond at Dearne Valley Country Park in South Yorkshire
  • Where: Barnsley, South Yorkshire
  • How Big: 80 hectares
  • Open: Year-round, 24 hours daily

Dearne Valley Country Park is a dog-friendly haven stretching 80 hectares of diverse landscapes, including wetlands, woodlands, and grasslands. The park is home to abundant wildlife, making it a fantastic place for nature lovers and their canine companions.

With miles of walking trails to explore, you and your pup can enjoy strolls or energetic hikes through the varied terrain. The park also offers plenty of picturesque picnic spots, perfect for taking a break and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Dearne Valley Country Park is a must-visit for those seeking an outdoor adventure with their four-legged friend.

Where to Stay: For a cosy retreat, check out these dog-friendly cottages in South Yorkshire within easy reach of the park.

6. Rabbit Ings Country Park

Scenic view of Rabbit Ings Country Park and lake in Royston, South Yorkshire
  • Where: Royston, South Yorkshire
  • How Big: 76 hectares
  • Open: Year-round, 24 hours daily

Rabbit Ings Country Park is a former colliery site transformed into a vibrant and diverse green space for you and your dog to explore. This dog-friendly park spans 76 hectares and offers a variety of walking routes, taking you through wildflower meadows, woodland areas, and wetlands.

It’s an excellent place to spot birds, butterflies, and other creatures as you wander the well-maintained paths. The park is open year-round, providing ample opportunity for you and your furry companion to enjoy the great outdoors.

Where to Stay: Explore these pet-friendly holiday homes in South Yorkshire for a comfortable base.

7. Studley Royal Park

Ruins of the Fountains Abbey and Studley park in Ripon, North Yorkshire,
  • Where: Ripon, North Yorkshire
  • How Big: 800 Acres
  • Open: Year-round. Check opening hours

Studley Royal Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique experience for you and your dog. The park is home to the magnificent Fountains Abbey, one of England’s most significant and best-preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries.

With 800 acres of stunning landscapes to explore, you and your canine companion will be captivated by the beautifully designed water gardens, elegant temples, and striking statues.

Numerous walking routes are available, allowing you to discover this unique location’s breathtaking views and intriguing history. Dogs are welcome on a lead, ensuring they can share in the magic of Studley Royal Park.

Where to Stay: Choose from these charming dog-friendly cottages near Thirsk for a delightful place to stay nearby. They are under 15 miles away and won’t take much longer than 30 minutes by car.

8. Anglers Country Park

A swan down by the lake in Anglers country park in West Yorkshire
  • Where: Wakefield, West Yorkshire
  • How Big: 74 Acres
  • Open: Year-round, 24 hours daily

Anglers Country Park is a picturesque haven for dog owners and furry friends, featuring a beautiful lake surrounded by woodlands and meadows. The park provides several walking trails, including the popular Room on the Broom Adventure Trail, inspired by the beloved children’s book.

As you wander the paths, you and your dog can enjoy the serene atmosphere and wildlife that calls the park home. Plenty of benches and picnic areas are scattered throughout, so there’s always a spot to rest and take in the scenery.

The park is open year-round from dawn to dusk, making it a fantastic place for a leisurely day out with your four-legged companion.

Where to Stay: Discover these cosy dog-friendly accommodations in Wakefield for a convenient place to stay. They are situated less than 7 miles away and no more than a 20-minute drive.

9. Golden Acre Park

An open water pond with ducks on it at Golden Acre Park in Leeds
  • Where: Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • How Big: 179 Acres
  • Open: Year-round, 24 hours daily

Golden Acre Park is a delightful dog-friendly park located just outside of Leeds. With 136 acres of stunning gardens, woodlands, and a beautiful lake, there’s plenty for you and your pup to explore.

The park features several walking trails, including the popular Dales Way Link, which connects Golden Acre Park to the long-distance walking route, The Dales Way.

There’s also a charming tea room to enjoy a refreshing drink and a tasty treat with your canine companion.

Where to Stay: Check out these dog-friendly cottages near Harrogate for a comfortable and convenient stay nearby. They are based about 17 miles away and should take 40 minutes by car.

Last Word

Yorkshire boasts an impressive array of dog-friendly gardens, parks, and country estates for you and your furry friend to discover. With so many unique and captivating locations, you will find the perfect spot for an unforgettable adventure with your canine companion.

Remember to check out our ultimate guide to dog-friendly Yorkshire for even more fantastic places to visit and stay with your four-legged friend. Happy exploring!



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