14 of the Best Dog Walks in Aviemore

For those dog lovers looking to take walkies in the beautiful highlands of outer Scotland, there are few better places to really start looking for green and waterside trails than in Aviemore, close to Inverness. But what are the best dog-friendly walks in Aviemore actually like?

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Aviemore

In this guide, we will take you through dog walking in Aviemore and in the local highland reaches. Want to take a moment or two to relax while exploring the rugged glens? Check out our list of picks for the best in pet friendly pubs in Aviemore, too. We’re covering all bases for you!

The Best Dog Walks You’ll Find in Aviemore – The Top Five

1. Craigellachie Nature Reserve

The Craigellachie Nature Reserve is a genuine highlight of the highlands for dog lovers, offering spectacular wooded areas, glades and lochland for you and your pets to explore. It’s close to Aviemore itself and offers a picturesque stroll all year round. You’ll also be able to see the Cairngorms, too!

2. The River Spey Trail

Much of the delightful River Spey is fantastic for dog walking, with a pleasant stroll around the Boat of Garten perfectly within reach. However, please do make sure that you keep your pups on leads whenever you do choose to trail the area. It’s a lovely woodland wander to explore.

3. Dalnabay Cow Fields

If you choose to start trekking with pups out towards Dalnabay, you’ll be able to spot all kinds of livestock and wildlife. Head towards the Route 7 walk in Aviemore and you’ll be able to take a nice circle around fields where there are plenty of cows happily grazing.

4. Loch Morlich

Loch Morlich probably remains one of the best-known and best-loved coastal strolls in the Aviemore area. This is a beach zone that has actually won awards for its rural coast status, and it’s therefore definitely worth taking a stroll or two down. It’s actually the highest-up beach in Britain, too!

5. The Orbital Trail

The Aviemore Orbital is pretty well-known amongst local dog walkers, particularly as it’s a safe route for you and your pets to explore all around the edge of Aviemore itself. It offers glimpses of Milton Wood, and you can start trailing the full circle as soon as you spot Route 7.

Wondrous Woodland Walks in Aviemore with Dogs

1. Daviot Wood

Daviot Wood is a forest dog walking spot close to Aviemore that offers an energising opportunity for you and your pet to really get the blood pumping! The 90-minute fitness trail here is perfect for pets – but be careful as it’s commonly used by joggers and cyclists in the area.

2. Reelig Glen

We love Reelig Glen! This spectacular unspoilt patch of highland beauty actually offers a few different circular routes for you to try, meaning it’s well worth taking it all in if you have an afternoon or two to spare. The trees here really are magnificent, so make sure to save time.

3. Kirkhill Forest

Beyond here, Kirkhill Forest genuinely offers some of the most astounding wooded walks close to Aviemore and within reach of the wider highlands. The walks here are likely best reserved for those dogs and walkers who have more than a little bit of experience in hill walking, however.

Best Hill Walks in Aviemore You’ll Want to Come Back To

1. Glencoe

Glencoe is another dog walking paradise spot close to Aviemore that’s likely to be best suited to people who don’t mind taking a few trails up hills and peaks every now and again. While a little intensive in places, it’s absolutely breath-taking for its panoramic views and is a very quiet walk.

2. Newtonmore

The Newtonmore Trail is actually something of a new creation, and it’s a circular route that aims to take you and your pup around the very best of the natural beauty visible across the Cairngorm Mountains and National Park. It’s close to Newtonmore Village and the Wildcat Trail, too.

3. Glen Affric

Rugged and hilly in places but always beautiful to behold, Glen Affric is famous for being the home of the Plodda Falls, which is just one attraction out here in the natural reaches that helps to make it so popular all year round. Be sure to head out off-season!

National Park Walks

1. Loch Muick

Loch Muick is a green and pleasant stroll that you’ll find up in the Cairngorm Mountains. Taking you close to freshwater strolls as well as within reach of Balmoral, this walk is something of a ‘moderate’ experience, meaning lace up those boots and get ready for some invigorating exercise in local Aviemore!

2. Cambus O’May

Cambus O’May is another Cairngorms treat, with this particular walking spot offering you some of the best flowering sights in the whole of the park itself. There’s also fantastic panoramas here that cross the park’s mountains, making it ideal for photo opportunities. There’s a lot to love about Cambus O’May.

3. Glenmore Forest Park

Glenmore Forest Park is a Caledonian marvel that is close to the Cairngorms, but which is actually its own entity. It boasts all kinds of walking treats, with glen views and opportunities for you to stretch your legs further onto the beach at Loch Morlich. It’s a dramatic scene!

Last Word

Aviemore is just one of the locations that dog lovers and their pets enjoy traversing when it comes to the Scottish highlands. As such, there are likely to be many, many more trails in the area. These are just some of the best places to walk dogs we think most pet lovers will do best to try for themselves over time. Why not take a look out here for yourself?

Dog walking in Aviemore is breathtaking. This side of the country is likely to be one of the quietest yet most visually dramatic natural areas you’ll come across. However, if you do fancy trying something a little bit different from the odd trails and walks, make sure to take a look at our list of the pet friendly days out in Aviemore. There’s actually plenty to do up here, and if you fancy travelling over into Inverness, you can – it’s not too far away.

Therefore, we seriously suggest you take a look at dog friendly Aviemore cottages as a priority if you are considering exploring the Northern Highlands or elsewhere to the north of Scotland. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds will love bounding through the greenery and glenside walks, meaning you should definitely take them along with you if you’re keen to see rural Scotland. Take a look at the best hillside walks in Aviemore today!