14 of the Best Dog Walks in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is famous for all kinds of things. Rolling countryside, cycling, river walks – and, of course, the university city of Cambridge itself. That said, there are actually plenty of dog-friendly walks in Cambridgeshire, too, which are well worth exploring if you’re the owner of a pet.

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Captivating Cambridgeshire

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best dog walks in the region, covering as many bases as possible. If you get thirsty, take a look at our guide to pet friendly pubs in Cambridgeshire, too! There are lots to see and do around here, so let’s get started.

The Best Dog Walks in Cambridgeshire

1. Grantchester Meadows

Head out from Grantchester itself and take a look at the truly gorgeous meadowlands that stretch all the way down the River Cam and beyond. Idyllic and peaceful, this is also where they film a popular ITV show – Grantchester, funnily enough. Come take a look around for yourself!

2. Fulbourn Nature Reserve

Fulbourn Nature Reserve often referred to as the Fulbourn Fen, is a huge scientific interest site that’s only a short way from Cambridge itself. It’s a Wildlife Trust zone and offers 27 hectares of gorgeous greenery and flowery walks for you and your pet to enjoy at your own pace.

3. Fen Drayton

The Fen Drayton Lakes really does take you out of the hustle and bustle. Truly unspoilt and much like something you’d see in a classical painting, Fen Drayton is an RSPB site with lots for dog walkers and their pets to explore. A gentle, picturesque walk you’ll want to sample.

4. Wicken Fen

Wicken Fen is a National Trust hotspot in Cambridgeshire that is famously friendly towards our four-legged friends. Offering miles and miles of delightful greenery and waterside strolls, this particular walking site even offers plenty of chances for you to split off and discover more fens nearby – a great walk!

5. Paradise Nature Reserve, Sheep’s Green

This hidden nature reserve spot offers a delightful stroll or two, offering riverside exploration and wetland marshes. It’s also close to the centre of Cambridge, making it the perfect breakaway point if you really want to cool down from the city reaches for a little while. Take a look.

Wonderful Woodland Walks in Cambridgeshire with Dogs

1. Archers Wood, Huntingdon

Archers Wood is a Woodland Trust marvel, providing miles of off-lead walkies through the forest reaches close to Sawtry. It’s really easy to get to from main roads, but that never spoils the peace and tranquillity here. Certainly worth exploring for dogs who really like to roam around.

2. Millennium Wood, Haverhill

The Millennium Wood is another Woodland Trust site, meaning it is lovingly protected. Offering autumnal woodland reaches that stretch up to 12.5 acres, this is a relatively small plot of forest that is actually a ‘millennium creation’ from 2000 – hence the name. There is a nice pond and tons of flora.

3. Brampton Woods, St Neots

One of the biggest woodland spots in the county bar none, it is also an ancient site of interest for many people. Close to Brampton itself and Grafham Water, there are two miles of trails here for you to walk, though do take care as things can get pretty muddy!

Best Dog-Friendly Hill Walks in Cambridgeshire

1. Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge

The famous Gog Magog walk close to Cambridge itself offers a slightly hilly climb here and there, but it is mostly wide open and great fun for dogs. There are plenty of paths as well as areas where you will be allowed to let your pets off of their leads.

2. Coton Reserve, Cambridge

The Coton Reserve, sometimes referred to as the Coton Country Reserve offers more than 300 acres of fantastic countryside vistas and clearly marked pathways for you and your pets to navigate. This is a lead-only walk, but there are lots to see and love, with Red Meadow Hill being a highlight.

3. Weston Hills Nature Reserve, Baldock

Crossing over slightly into Herts, the Weston Hills is easy to reach via Cambs and offer a brilliant mix of fauna for you to explore with your pets. There are some nice, challenging hills here, so make sure to take a nice, deep breath, and strap on those boots.

Country Park Walks

1. Milton Country Park, Milton

Milton Country Park is north of the university city and, as such, is one of the most-visited dog walking sites for people who live and work in Cambridge itself. There are more than 95 acres of stunning wetlands and woods here, and it’s also a haven for cycling enthusiasts, too.

2. Ely Country Park

As the name suggests, Ely Country Park is close to Ely city and offers a great family and pets’ day out towards the east of Cambs. Natural fens here are absolutely stunning, and you can take on the famous Kingfisher trail if you’re feeling up to the longest of walks.

3. Hinchingbrooke Country Park, Huntingdon

With more than 170 glorious acres of greenery for you and your dog to explore, this country park is likely to be a sure-fire winner for many people keen to see Cambs’ natural beauty up close. And why not? It’s perfect for birdwatching and is a Green Flag park, too!

Last Word

Many people will likely know Cambridgeshire best for its canals, its cycling and its city scenes. However, some of the best dog walks in the east of England are easy to spot down in Cambs, meaning you really are missing out if you have yet to show your pups the wonder of the local greenery and waterside strolls. Many of the dog friendly Cambridgeshire cottages are also close to these walking trails.

Dog walking in Cambridgeshire really does leave you with some great memories. If you want to go beyond walking and hiking, however, definitely make a point to check nearby pet friendly days out in Cambridgeshire. As it turns out, there are plenty of great areas where you can take dogs – and not just outdoor trails, either!

Cambridgeshire is a little bit of a secret to many dog lovers, as it often gets forgotten behind counties with acres and acres of AONB land. However, Cambs has lots of dog walking routes offer – heritage, stunning natural fens, lovely country lanes and. Of course, access to laid back cities and a dog friendly atmosphere.

If you are looking to stretch your legs with your pet down in the south and east of the UK, Cambridgeshire should certainly be a point of interest you look into further. Take it from us – you’ll want to plan ahead!