14 of the Best Dog Walks in Cheshire

If you are looking for dog friendly pubs in Cheshire, you are likely on the trail of some dog friendly walks in Cheshire too. The good news is you won’t be scratching your head trying to find the best dog walks because from woodland to walled city routes you and your fur baby will be spoilt for choice.

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Cheshire

There rivers Trent, Dee and Mersey and lakes within country parks play host to a hive of activity including wildlife and birds. If your canine is keen on clocking up paw miles on canal towpaths, the major Leeds and Liverpool Canal cuts through Cheshire. For unsurpassed views of Liverpool, there are vantage points that can be reached without too much paw power.

Good dog walking routes are in the many country parks too where you can walk in magical woodland that also facilitates adventure activities such as Go Ape and orienteering for the kids.

The Best Walks in Cheshire for Dogs

1. Cheshire Walled City Walk

Three miles packed with Chester’s best views from the racecourse to the Old Dee Bridge and an elevated view of the Roman amphitheatre. Starting at the east side you will be treated to the best of this walled city that was once an important seaport for the Romans. Your hound probably doesn’t give a hoot about history but there is plenty of buzz to keep your buddy happy and there are plenty of pet friendly days out in Cheshire as well. 

2. Rimrose Valley

It’s time to prep those paws for a towpath trek that incorporates the Rimrose Valley and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. You and your buddy will walk along the towpath, under bridges to Rimrose where you can see cormorants, kestrels and pheasant. It is a straightforward route along the canal and across a field. This four-mile trek is a combination of nature and the hustle and bustle of canal life.

3. Bruera Trail

Allow two to three hours for this four-mile circular walk that takes you from the historic churchyard of Bruera, a village with traditional Cheshire red stone cottages, and through meadows filled with wild blackberries and mushrooms. You’ll trek across uncultivated fields that might be a bit of a challenge if your canine has short legs. After the meadows and bits of woodland, you will emerge on the edge of the historic village of Saighton.

4. Port Sunlight Walk

You’ve heard about this fascinating model village and now you and your pup can do the 2.5 mile walk around it. In the centre walk along George’s Drive where there are fountains, landscaped gardens and an impressive war memorial. Head east to the splendid Riverside Park with views across the River Mersey to Liverpool. Go north past the Lady Lever Art Gallery and enjoy its colourful gardens.

The Best Woodland Walks in Cheshire with Dogs

1. Stanney Woods

Located next to designer outlet Cheshire Oaks, this dog-friendly designation has been given the locals’ seal of approval and you will be in company of Rovers-in-residence who have the woods in their backyard. It is an ancient oak and silver birch woodland with plenty of route options with paved paths set on a clear circuit. While other family members have retail therapy at Cheshire Oaks, you can talk to the trees with your little tyke.

2. Gorgan’s Walk

Named after a Travin village resident who fought to keep it green, it is now a haven for dog walkers and families. Run by the Tarvin Community Woodland Trust, it lies six miles east of Cheshire and has a great 1.5-mile walk through the oak trees and carpets of wildflowers. Bird boxes abound and if you and your canine charge are quiet enough you might see treecreepers and nuthatches nesting

3. Delamere Forest to Old Pale Hill

Delamere Forest is the largest area of woodland in Cheshire offering a variety of trails. Head uphill and it will take you out of the deciduous trees and evergreens to Old Pale Hill with views across seven counties. The climb is broken with rest point benches where your four-legged buddy can catch his breath. The forest has a Go Ape for adventurous family members to do it like Tarzan in the trees.

Country Park Dog Walks in Cheshire

1. Eastham Country Park

If birds are your bag and your four-legged buddy enjoys wandering in woodland, then this park with its numerous trails will suit both of you. It is situated on the Wirral bank of the River Mersey and has great views across the estuary that teems with birdlife. The 100-acre broadleaf woodland is perfect for peaceful walks. The visitor centre provides walkers with routes and there is a tea garden and two pubs on the riverfront.

2. Marbury Country Park, Northwich

It is an integral part of the Northwich Woodlands that is made up of nine countryside sites. Here you and your waggytail can walk through the woods to Budworth Lake where your pup can splash about while you birdwatch in the hide. Once a grand estate, the country park has an arboretum, a community orchard and a children’s play area. There is a great two-mile marked off-lead route for you and your pet.

3. Countess of Chester Country Park

A great urban park, next to the Chester Hospital, with winding paths to wooded areas and plenty of open space for Fido to frolic. There is a well-marked 1.5 mile-walk to undertake and there is also the Poppy Trail for the Fallen when the wildflowers bloom from June to September. It was once a landfill site that the Land Trust and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) turned into a nature reserve.

Waterside Walks

1. The Meadows, Chester

Don’t be fooled by the name because this is a walk on the banks of the River Dee in Queen’s Park making it more waterside than meadow. The grassland and wetlands are great places for playful pooches who like a game of Fetch. You can sit and watch the boats sail by, especially on regatta days. A circular walk takes about half an hour and there are a few places to picnic on the way.

2. Erdigg Walk

Enjoy a short circular walk taking you around the Green Way route on the 1,200-acre of the Erdigg estate, home to the famous Cup and Saucer 18th century water feature. The trail is only 1.5 miles, but it takes in a lot and includes the edges of Clywedog River, Wats Dyke, Black Brook, Court Wood and the historic village of Felin Puleston. A mixture of woodland and elevated viewpoints.

3. Farndon Strawberry Trail

This dog-friendly walk along the banks of the River Trent has vegetation so high that initially there is no view of the water. Don’t despair because the sight of the Farndon sandstone cliffs with gnarled tree roots clinging to them is a must-see. Once the river comes into view you will be walking parallel to the strawberry fields that once provided work for the unemployed between WWI and WWII.   

Last Word

Dog walking in Cheshire is a delight with its vast swathes of forest and woodland and riverside rambles that take you past points of geographical significance and through meadowlands of wildflowers. If your canine enjoys a city tramp with refuelling pit stops then no fear because you will find routes and pet friendly pubs in Cheshire around every corner in its historic city of Chester. No matter what part of the county your visiting, there are loads of dog friendly Cheshire cottages for you too choose from.