14 of the Best Dog Walks in Derbyshire

If you’re keen to go holidaying at home, why not take your pup on a tour of Derbyshire? This midlands county has lots to offer in terms of heritage trails, waterside views and woodland walkways. In fact, you’re only ever a few miles out of the wonderful Peak District, too! But what are the best dog-friendly walks in Derbyshire?

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Dynamic Derbyshire

That’s what we’re here to find out. Before you make a point to head out on a holiday in the region, make sure to take a look at our list below. Thirsty? Check out the pet friendly pubs in Derbyshire.

Our Top Five Best Derbyshire Walks with Dogs

1. The Bakewell Trail

Famous for more than just its cherry tarts, Bakewell offers a fantastic walking trail that takes you along famous rivers such as the Wye. This versatile stroll will take you through local history as well as across dog friendly paths ideal for gentle strolls with your pups. Well worth trying!

2. Chatsworth House, Bakewell

Sticking in Bakewell for now, Chatsworth House is of course one of the most famous stately home estates in the region. It’s also home to some brilliant wintry walks for you and your pets! Take in the impressive Emperor Lake as well as the Stand Wood nearby.

3. Carsington Water, Wirksworth

Carsington Water is a waterside stroll unlike any other. A great hub for watersports, fishing and more, it’s also a brilliant dog-friendly walking spot that brings you close to the River Derwent, which is always a local favourite. It’s actually an artificial reservoir – but it looks like the real thing!

4. Cromford Canal, Cromford Wharf

Sticking with waterside walks, this Derbyshire favourite will take you and your pup close to some of the most serene strolls up close to slow-moving streams. This canal walk will also take you through some of the most intriguing historic mill sites, too – great to take in heritage!

 5. Elvaston Castle Country Park, Elvaston

Of course, you really can’t beat a good country park for a variety of serene walks and sights. Great for dogs, Elvaston Country Park runs close to Nottingham and offers more than 320 acres of wonderfully kept parkland scenes. Typical Derbyshire – as there’s history in the Castle here, too! 

Wonderful Woodland Walks in Derbyshire with Dogs

1. The Blackwell Trail, Blackwell

The Blackwell Trail is a two and a half km stretch that makes up part of the popular Phoenix Greenways. This is actually something of a central woodland stroll, particularly as it offers lots of nice links into local forestry, and it’s not hard to get to from local villages.

2. The Coton Wood Walk, National Forest

Deep in the protected heart of the National Forest is the Coton Walk, one of the most famous wooded stretches amongst dog lovers in the Derbyshire region. This stretch makes up nearly 10km, and offers a fairly mixed terrain – great for off-lead exploration and experienced walkers in search of adventure.

3. Poppy Wood, Melbourne

Poppy Wood is also part of the National Forest remit, and it actually runs fairly close to Derby itself. It’s a nice, flat terrain that’s actually one of the younger forests in the region, having been planted back in 2007. It’s a closed-off woodland space that’s wonderfully safe.

Interesting Dog Walks Close to Derby City Itself

1. Darley Park, Darley Abbey

Darley Park runs close to the River Derwent and offers you brilliant dog walks all year round. It’s a really lovely stroll in wintertime, and there are plenty of wide-open greens here should you want to safely let your pups run off the lead for a while. Why not?

2. Shipley Park, Heanor

Shipley Park is famous for its lengthy trails and its sheer array of different walking opportunities. All in all, there are walks here that likely make up to 20 miles of peaceful straights, and there’s access to popular dog spots such as Osborne’s Pond. It can be busy – be warned!

3. Markeaton Park, Markeaton

The stunning Markeaton Park remains a firm favourite among many dog walkers in the region, though there are periods where the green stretches here can be fairly peaceful! Wonderful for letting your dogs roam free, it tends to be a popular family spot, too. Again, beat the rush!

National Park Walks in the Heart of the Peak District

1. Stoney Middleton Circuit

This wonderful loop walk in the Peaks will take you around two and a bit miles to complete, and runs down through one of the most picturesque valleys in the District. You’ll also get the chance to sample the Plague Village scene – it wouldn’t be a Derbyshire walk without history!

2. Beeley Moorland Walk

Leading up from Beeley itself, this Peaks favourite stroll is one of the best stretches if you are looking for photo-friendly vistas. Not only that, but you and your pets are going to love this 4.5-mile stretch, crossing bridges, moorland, and running close to Chatsworth House in the distance. 

3. The Longstone Tour

The Longstone Tour should only really take you about an hour to stroll along, but in that time, you’ll be able to take in lovely woodland thickets, nearby farmland, and local pub scenes. This is a popular walk that should stretch your legs – and your dog’s – just enough!

Last Word

Derbyshire is a county with lots to offer all comers. There may even be plenty of dog walkers who live in Derbys and who might not know of the wonderful puppy walks and hikes with dogs in the region! It’s also worth noting that not all of the best walks in the county reside in the Peak District – meaning there are lots of parks and green stretches waiting for you to explore between towns and cities.

However, the Peaks really do offer you a dog walking paradise unlike any other. We think this is a National Park that all dog lovers need to explore at least once. Thankfully, it’s well-linked to across the midlands and there is always something new to take in. Plenty of dog friendly Derbyshire cottages have access to woodland walks from your doorstep so your never short of things to do.

If you’re keen to really make the most of your trip into the county, why not take a look at other full days of dog-friendly adventures in Derbyshire? You don’t have to just go walking – there are lots on offer nearby.

Dog walking in Derbyshire remains a personal favourite for us as pet owners. The fact is, this is a county that is brimming with history and natural preservation. Wildlife, greenery, peaks and valleys – there really is an abundance of different sights and sounds to take in here. Good places to walk dogs are available all around!