14 of the Best Dog Walks in Dundee

Dundee is a Scottish city with lots to offer. Not only is the city itself a hotbed of culture and full of wonderful heritage spots, but the local area is also brimming with countryside vistas, waterside walks and more besides. But what are the best dog-friendly walks in Dundee, anyway?

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Dundee

Dog walking in Dundee is an absolute pleasure. If you assume that all of the canine friendly spots are consigned to the city centre, you’ll be pleasantly mistaken! Why not check out the pet friendly pubs in Dundee, too?

The Top Five Best Walks in Dundee for Dogs

1. The Forfar Loch Walk

Forfar Loch is a famous walking spot amongst Dundee locals, particularly as it is so close to the city itself! It’s wonderfully well kept and is even home to some marvellous wildlife, meaning you can expect to do more than just feed the ducks here. Take your dog, of course!

2. Camperdown Park

Camperdown Park is truly massive, and it’s also a staple family day out spot for both locals and tourists. It’s actually the biggest park area in Dundee itself, with lots of wooded trails and wide-open spaces for you and your dogs to enjoy at your leisure. Take a look!

3. The Baxter Park Circular

Baxter Park is a simple, unassuming green and wooded spot where dog walkers in Dundee often enjoy very light strolls. The Baxter Park circular, in fact, might actually be longer than you think, with just 2km of walking available in a neat loop. It tends to be popular with joggers!

4. Dundee Law

The Dundee Law trail gets you high up in the heavens above Dundee itself, offering amazing vistas that take you all the way across the Tay. It’s the former site of an ancient fort, and it’s a fantastic break away from the city – cleverly nestled away in plain sight, too. Dog beaches in Dundee are a must when visiting here, as they provide a fantastic day out for the whole family.

5. Baldragon Wood 

Baldragon Wood is very close to Dundee itself, and as well as being marvellously convenient, this woodland area offers a peaceful stroll or two through forestry, pondside walks and more besides. It’s great for a family day out, but your pooch will likely love the sights and smells the most.

The Best Countryside and Woodland Walks in Dundee with Dogs

1. Templeton Woods

If you really want to get deep into the Dundee forest scenery, then Templeton Woods is likely to be a fantastic port of call. There are many different trails through the trees, curious wildlife to spot, and even the odd waterside trail for you to relax and enjoy while here.

2. The Angus Glens

You can’t visit rural Scotland and not expect to take in a rugged glen or two! The Angus Glens really does typify ‘wilderness’, offering Dundee countryside with a difference. This huge trail takes you across hills, glens, sites of historic interest and down towards delightful lochs. It’s everything you’ll want.

3. The Sidlaw Hills

The Sidlaw Hills are more than just a skyline feature and really deserve exploring up close. Providing you keep your pets under control when walking through this wonderful corner of Dundee country, you’ll find a great mix of challenging and peaceful strolls up and down the verticals. Worth looking into! 

Dog-Friendly Coastal Walks in Dundee You’ll Always Remember

1. Lunan Bay

Lunan Bay is a popular beach cum park resort that gives you breath-taking vistas of the wide-open sea, ideal for anyone looking for seaside air and somewhere sandy to stroll their pets. This is a relatively flat walk, nice and gentle, and with plenty of nice amenities on the route.

2. Dundee Waterfront Path

It may seem a bit of a cheat to include the whole of the Dundee waterfront here, however, the famous trail along the water’s edge is a big hit with many local dog walkers. There’s a nice stretch that extends up to 17km along the waterside, so start limbering up!

3. Montrose Basin 

The Montrose Basin is a spectacular walking spot that gives you amazing access to wildlife across a stunning 1,730 acres of parkland. Come and see the tide ebb and flow – and if you bring your dog, do make sure to keep them on a steady lead throughout your visit.

Cracking Country Park Walks

1. Monikie Country Park

Monikie Country Park is an absolute delight and is massively popular amongst local dog walkers. The wide-open walks here will take you around two reservoirs and across a family-friendly green space, ideal for really stretching those legs and paws. It’s also ideal for rowing and even some watersports, too. 

2. Clatto Country Park

Clatto is popular with families and dog lovers alike and stretches across picnicking sites and around the famous reservoir. Clatto Reservoir’s simple stroll itself offers just under 1.5km of waterside fun. You’ll likely find joggers and runners enjoy this trail, so be prepared to have a little company occasionally.

3. Riverside Nature Park

The Riverside Nature Park is something of a natural marvel. It was actually born out of an old landfill area and offers incredible views across the Tay Estuary. There are more than 80 different bird species for you to spot across the park, too, so keep your dog on a lead!

Last Word

Dundee is one of many wonderful cities north of the border that has plenty to offer with regard to city amenities, countryside fun and stunning views and vistas. We think the Dundee area demands more notice and recognition – it’s up there with Inverness and its loch walks when it comes to dog walk trails. The best dog walks Dundee have to offer fall just as often outside the city walls as within the perfect park and lochland reaches only a few minutes away.

Of course, if you’re taking pets on holiday up into Dundee and the local area, you should make a point to check out some of the best pet friendly days out in Dundee and beyond. Luckily, there are more than a few for you to pick from – why not check out our guide for the complete lowdown?

The best dog walks Dundee has to offer shouldn’t be too hard to find, however, it makes sense to head to some of the top rated dog friendly Dundee cottages has if you want to explore this superb area . Take this guide as just a starting point! There are lots to see and do out here, so make time to take in as much of the gorgeous country and coast this corner of Scotland has to offer. Above all, we can seriously say that pets love the long trails and circulars Dundee has tucked away.