14 of the Best Dog Walks in Hampshire

Hampshire remains one of the best-loved counties in the south of England for all kinds of countryside, forest and waterside trails. But what are the best dog-friendly walks Hampshire has to offer? What can you expect from some of the best-loved woodland and green reaches of the county?

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in the Heart of Hampshire

We’ve gone to the effort to hunt down the very best in dog walking in Hampshire. These are some fantastic days out for dog lovers and pups of all shapes and sizes. Why not take a lookout at some of the top-rated pet friendly days out in Hampshire, too? We have a full guide!

Top Five of the Most Memorable Dog Walks in Hampshire

1. Mottisfont, Romsey

Mottisfont is a brilliant National Trust site that’s just begging to be explored by dog lovers. Many of the gardens at this site are open for dogs to explore providing you keep them on a lead, meaning they should always be on their best behaviours!  It’s a great countryside haunt.

2. Ludshott Heaths and Commons, Grayshott

Ludshott Commons offers incredible ancient wooded walks and strolls, where you can explore lowland heaths and the majesty of the Gentle’s Copse. You can walk your pets through much of this area, meaning that it should make for a peaceful breakaway point regardless of the size or breed of your pet.

3. Magdalen Hill Down, Winchester

Magdalen Hill Down is, as the name suggests, a hilly walk with plenty of routes planned out. There are some fantastic open areas here where you can let your pups roam around as they wish, and it’s close to a lovely butterfly zone that is helping to conserve the critters.

4. Farley Mount, Winchester

The popular Farley Mount is a country park experience that serves walkers a healthy share of forestry, green paths and more. There is a nice circuit road here that will take you up towards Crab Wood. It’s known for being fairly quiet despite its popularity with dog walkers.

5. Old Winchester Hill, Exton

Old Winchester Hill is a lovely dog walk that is definitely something of an ancient relic in the area. It’s a genuine site of archaeological interest, for one thing! This nature reserve extends across 150 acres of land, great for spotting all kinds of birds and creatures – take a look! 

Wild and Wonderful Woodland Walks in Hampshire with Dogs

1. The New Forest

There are scores of dog walks in the New Forest that we can’t really do justice in this small section alone! Therefore, take the time to really explore the region as and when you can. From the Tall Trees Trail to the Wilverley Inclosure, there are lots of dog routes.

2. Selborne Common, Alton

Selborne Common is a fantastic wooded spot that’s owned and maintained by the National Trust – so you already know that it’s in the best hands. Selborne Common offers almost 250 acres of lovely nature conservation land, meaning if you would like to bring pets here, treat it with respect!

3. Cheesefoot Head, Winchester

The Cheesefoot Head is a well-known beauty spot that gives you a fantastic vantage point over wider Winchester and Hampshire itself, offering 33 acres of unspoilt land for you to traverse. It’s pretty flat on the whole and is easy to get to via the South Downs National Park.

Best Coastal Dog Walks in Hampshire

1. Hayling Island

Hayling Island offers a thriving seaside scene, meaning if you really want that quintessential coastal experience, there may be nowhere better in the whole of Hampshire to explore. Before you come here, make sure that you are visiting in the best season for dog walks, as there may be restrictions.

2. Taddiford Gap, Barton

The Taddiford Gap is not your average tourist beach, if anything, it is a little bit off the beaten track! Therefore, it’s definitely worth exploring this small yet peaceful stretch of sand if you’re keen to get away from the crowds. Again, make sure you’re in dog friendly season.

3. Calshot, Near Southampton

Calshot is a Southampton Water location that offers lots of brilliant watersports opportunities, though it is also a fantastic dog friendly beach, too. Just make sure that – while you explore the sea views and the sandy shoreline – you keep your pets on leads at all times when visiting. Many of the dog friendly beaches in Hampshire have seasonal restrictions so check before you go.

National Park Walks

1. Shipwrights Way Walk

This wonderful walk connects you from the South Downs National Park out towards Portsmouth, though you’ll normally start in the peaceful Alice Holt Forest. It’s a great walking route that really does show off some of the best sights that Hampshire has to offer. Be sure to check it out!

2. Noar Hill

Noar Hill is a natural Grade II site that’s close to Selborne, which offers access into the South Downs and provides almost 50 acres of nature reserve land for you to explore at your leisure. This is perhaps one of the best-loved walks in the area for dog lovers!

3. Liss Forest

The Liss Forest is a beautiful wooded zone that’s easy to spot down in the South Downs National Park and area. It’s a very popular spot for wildlife and animal lovers, largely thanks to the cattle that graze here frequently. Why not take your pets on a wild day out?

Last Word

Hampshire is an English county that’s home to some of the best-known port cities in the UK, and what’s more, it is also home to some of the best-loved country walks with dogs and coastal beaches. Dog walking in Hampshire always brings something new and exciting to the table, and for that reason, it is always a good idea to check out some of the favourite walks that local dog lovers enjoy.

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The best dog walks Hampshire has to offer vary from beautiful beaches to curious country strolls, meaning there is always likely to be something for everyone here. Do use our guide for dog friendly Hampshire cottages as a marker on where to book – there is much, much more worth seeing out here, so don’t feel as though the walks we list are the be-all and end-all!

There’s also a great range of Hampshire dog friendly hot tub cottage holidays that you should definitely consider.

Take a look at local reviews and see what other dog lovers have to say about Hampshire, too – and the best woodland walks in Hampshire with dogs might just become your favourites.