14 of the Best Dog Walks in the Midlands

We’re with you – with so many great dog walking spots across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and beyond, it’s sometimes hard to narrow things down. Don’t worry, as we’ve lined up the best dog friendly walks in the midlands for you to explore.

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in the Midlands

If you’ve ever struggled to find a nice, long walk that appeals to you and your pup, feel free to use this page as a fantastic starting point! We’ve spent years walking pets across the midlands, and what’s more, the following trails are well-loved by local dog owners.

The Best Walks in the Midlands for Dogs to D

1. Hemlock Stone Circular Walk 

This well-loved walk extends for four miles and is situated in the heart of Nottinghamshire. Along this walk, you can admire the famous Hemlock Stone up-close and enjoy open spaces and wooded areas with your four-legged friend. 

2. The Circular Cossal Canal Walk

Elsewhere in Notts, this simple three-mile long walk offers beautiful views of the canal and wildlife. Dogs can roam free on this walk, but do be mindful near the water’s edge. On a sunny day, this is the perfect walk for you and your dog to get away from any noise other than those coming from the local swans. 

3. Cotgrave Forest Walk 

Cotgrave Forest offers a wonderful lead-free walk that’s a local favourite. However, as shooting is permitted on the premises, you will want to keep your dog close for safety. The walk lasts for about four miles and remains relatively flat throughout the entire length. It may also be a good idea to bring walking boots or wellingtons as, especially on rainy days, this trail can get particularly muddy.

4. Felley Mill Walk 

This three-mile long walk crosses over the M1 – and yet offers plenty of beautiful, wild countryside views. Your dog will be happy to run around and play in the large fields, all while you take in the stunning views. It’s one of our favourites for sheer views alone. 

5. Clent Hills

Down in Worcestershire, your dog can happily roam free on the dedicated dog-walking trail. It is a circular walk that goes through fields as well as wooded areas, on which you will be able to admire stunning natural views over two miles.

The Best Forest Walks in the Midlands for your Dog

1. Wyre Forest

Wonderful Wyre offers three walking trails, a play area, picnic areas, bike hire, a cafe, and more. It’s a lovely green trail perfect for dog walking. You can follow the Buzzard Trail which will take you on a circle within the forest for around 3.2 miles. In total, it should take less than two hours to complete the trail. 

2. Crackley Wood Trail

This ancient woodland is situated in Kenilworth and is a part of the local nature reserve. The area is full of wildflowers and animals to discover. The trail in the forest goes on for 1.5 miles, making it an easy 45 minute walk to enjoy with your pup. 

3. Mortimer Forest 

This large forest offers multiple trails, but we suggest taking the Vinnalls car park easy access trail. The track is shaped like a figure of eight and goes on for about a mile. Along the route, you will be able to see beautiful conifer trees and ponds across the way. 

Best Woodland Walks in the Midlands with Dogs

1. Tile Hill Woodlands

Based in Coventry, this wooded spot offers plenty of different trails. There’s scores of wildlife here to spy, too. There are plenty of foxes, mice, squirrels, moles, and birds, so keep your pet on a short rein. There are also plenty of colorful flowers and different shades of green from the various trees. 

2. Canley Woodlands

This local nature reserve offers all kinds of beautiful wildlife and flora for you to photograph on route. There are plenty of flat trails as well as hilly walks for those who crave a bit more of a challenge. The woods are not far from the local town centre and have free parking on the outskirts – these walks are easy to access.

3. Downs Banks

Based in Stone, this dog walk is a firm favourite amongst locals. You can choose to walk along Downs Bank Brook, the stream that flows through this wooded area, which goes on for 1.5 miles and is an easy stroll for most. Or, if you are in more of an adventurous mood, you and your pup could climb uphill for half a mile and enjoy the views of the area from above. 

National Park Walks

1. Three Pools Walk

Based in Comer Woods, Derbyshire, this is a generally flat walk, making it easier on old bones! You can venture through the beautiful wooded area along the promenade, maybe spot some swans on the lakes, and finally, come across the small tea shop for a drink and a treat for both you and your pet. The main trail goes on for 1.5 miles, so it will take you about an hour to complete. 

2. Calke Park

This 0.9-mile walk is dog-friendly and full of all other kinds of wildlife such as fungi, toads, birds, etc. It is a peaceful area that also belongs to the National Trust. After your walk, you could also take a gander at Calke Abbey, but be careful not to bring your dog inside! 

3. Captain Geoffrey’s Estate Walk 

This estate, which dates back to Norman times, is still working and remains a family home. That being said, it is open for the public to discover and is very dog-friendly. The walk itself goes on for four miles, which will take you about one hour and thirty minutes to complete. 

Last Word 

The midlands are absolutely ripe for exploring with pets. Why not look for some of the best dog friendly cottages in the midlands if you fancy making it a longer break?

In the meantime, be sure to look at some of the wonderful walks we’ve lined up for you right here – and do explore the wider counties, too!