14 of the Best Dog Walks in the Northern Highlands

When it comes to rugged, breath-taking walks, there really isn’t anywhere that compares to the Northern Highlands. Ever had the chance to visit a loch or two before? What about some of the best dog-friendly walks in the Northern Highlands? Whether it’s countryside, hills or coast, there are lots to see here.

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in the Nostalgic Northern Highlands

If you do fancy going further north into spectacular Scotland, then definitely make a point to look into top dog friendly attractions in the Northern Highlands, too. We have a full UK guide of dog trails waiting for you to check out – and keep reading for the lowdown on top Northern Highlands walks!

The Best Walks in the Northern Highlands Your Dogs Will Adore

1. Loch Morlich, Aviemore

Loch Morlich is an absolute joy to behold. This coastal stroll will take you to the highest beach in the UK, offering blissful seaside strolls that you and your dog will remember for years and years to come. It’s an award-winning beach, too, making it all the more impressive.

2. Glen Affric

Time and again, Glen Affric proves to be one of the most visually impressive walks in the Northern Highlands, offering a genuinely rural corner to Scotland that we think is worth visiting again and again. It can get busy, but it’s worth heading to for Plodda Falls alone, we think!

3. Kirkhill Forest

Kirkhill Forest offers lots of lovely wooded trails which are likely to appeal to you and your pets. Some of them are fairly intensive and can be hilly, but it’s worth taking a look at some of the gentler strolls if you’re keen to experience the best of this region.

4. Castle Fraser

Castle Fraser’s dog friendly walk is one of the most memorable for us personally, as it gives you an amazing breadth of greenery, farmland and more. There are two wooded trail splits here, too, as you can take a look at the Miss Bristow Trail and the Alton Brae Trail.

5. The Ness Islands, Inverness

The Ness Islands serve up some wonderful waterway walks that are just outside Inverness itself. There is a lovely fountain close by and the strolls here are closely linked by bridges, making this a fairly simple walk to navigate. It’s also a great picnicking adventure, too, so bring snacks along. 

Absolutely Cracking Countryside Dog Walks in the Northern Highlands

1. Glencoe

It’s impossible to list all of Glencoe’s fabulous walks in one section, so let’s just say that a trip out here is always going to leave you with some pretty impressive photos. It’s an intense scenic walk, some of it being fairly uneven, but a lot of it is very quiet.

2. Daviot Wood

Daviot Wood is a popular dog-walking location mainly thanks to the Fitness Trail. This wooded workout will take you around an hour and a half to complete, across a total of three miles. It’s a pretty moderate stroll, and also great for running – hence the name, we’d imagine! 

3. Reelig Glen

Reelig Glen is another of the popular glens in the region that’s getting more and more popular with dog walkers. There are some impressively tall trees out here, and what’s more, you’ll be able to take a nice, easy walk over a choice of fantastic circulars – take a look around!

Memorable Dog-Friendly Coastal Walks in the Northern Highlands

1. Sandwood Bay

Sandwood Bay is often a dog friendly beach but do make sure to read up on any potential restrictions that may come into play depending on the time of year or season. It’s an ancient sandy walk, with a nice long footpath attached to help bring you onto the shore.

2. Sanna Bay

Sanna Bay remains one of the most popular regions for a variety of different walking trails, meaning that there is never anyone or two perfect ways to really make the most of the hills and the beaches – and, of course, those perfect views! Bring a pet for sandy Sanna fun.

3. Wider Ardnamurchan 

Ardnamurchan is actually pretty hard to cover in a simple section as it offers such a broad scope when it comes to cracking coastal walks. It’s a peninsula, and it offers walks that are the furthest west in the UK, full stop. Trails here are likely to be tricky.

The Best of Scotland’s National Park Walks for Dogs

1. Glen Tanar

The circular dog walk around Glen Tanar in the Cairngorms National Park remains one of the most popular, and one of the most accessible, in the region. This five-mile walk will take you all the way around some of the most impressive pines that the park has to offer.

2. Loch Muick

Head down towards Loch Muick in the Cairngorms and you’ll be able to take in a freshwater stroll or two that’s close to the Balmoral Estate. Perfect for dogs and their walkers, this is a pretty technical trail that will appeal to moderate walkers, offering just less than 8 miles of strolling.

3. Cambus O’May

Cambus O’May is an iconic corner of the Cairngorms and provides truly unique trails you’ll never find outside of the Highlands. There’s an abundance of wild flora, as well as plenty of mountainous views for you to take in from afar. We absolutely love walking here. 

Last Word

Dog walking in the Northern Highlands is likely to be a dream come true for many canine lovers, particularly as you get a brilliant balance between coast, country, glen and mountainside. It really is the whole package, and you should certainly make a point to travel across the Cairngorm Mountains at least once. If you really think you have seen everything Scotland has to offer, think again.

What we really suggest you do is start looking into the dog friendly pubs in the Northern Highlands, too. Across Aviemore, Inverness and beyond, there are more than a few nice drinking spots where you and your pets can take the time to relax before you head out and tackle even more of the lochside or glen-based walking fun.

If you’ve never seen the truly rural or wild side of Scotland before, now is absolutely the chance to make that change. Take yourself out of the cities and head straight for Northern Highlands dog friendly cottages. The trails and walks up here may vary in terms of difficulty, but they all offer that brilliant panoramic delight that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

Start looking for the best dog walks to the north of Scotland. Take a chance on lochs, glens and more with your pets along to enjoy the fun!