14 of the Best Dog Walks in Northumberland

Northumberland, to many people, is something of a hidden gem. This county is famous otherwise for its amazing Heritage Coast and its incredible medieval history – but what about dog-friendly walks in Northumberland? What can you and your pup expect from the region when you go strolling down the beaches or climbing the hills?

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Gorgeous Northumberland

Northumberland is an absolutely glorious corner of the country, offering more than a few opportunities for you and your pets to stretch their legs somewhere bright, breezy, and absolutely stunning to behold. Now’s the time, too, to look for dog friendly beaches in Northumberland!

The Absolute Best Dog Walks in Northumberland – According to Pet Owners

1. Newton Pool, Low Newton By The Sea

Newton Pool is a nature reserve that offers a brilliant coastal adventure that’s perfectly pet friendly. This ideal walking spot is perfect for wildlife lovers and is protected by the National Trust. There’s the calming village of Low Newton nearby, too – why not take it all in when you visit?

2. Shepherds Cairn, Northumberland National Park

The Shepherds Cairn walk is a popular pilgrimage that is actually named in tribute of two shepherds who died in the wild in the early 1960s. This trail is a little tricky in places but really takes you through the best of the National Park, offering a walk around six miles long.

3. Sycamore Gap, Northumberland National Park

The Sycamore Gap is another National Park spot and is therefore one of the best-known in the county, with dog lovers and strollers. This fantastic walking trail is in a nice circle and offers you the chance to see the local Roman fort, as well as Hadrian’s Wall, too.

4. Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island

Why not bring your pet on a tour of some genuine local history? While you unfortunately can’t bring dogs into Lindisfarne Castle itself, you can tour the outer edges, with breath-taking views galore. Just remember to leave your dog with a friend before you go touring this magnificent fortress’ interior delights.

5. Kielder Forest, Kielder

The huge Kielder Forest is actually part of an outdoor water park spot, too – with more than 250 square miles of woodland and waterside fun to be had. This fantastic installation is also home to many outdoor artworks, too, making it a genuine feast for the eyes in many ways.

Top-Rated Circular Walks in Northumberland For Your Dog

1. Reaveley Farm, Northumberland National Park

The Reaveley Farm stroll is a hugely popular family walking trail that bases in the heart of the National Park, and it’s extremely gentle. As the name suggests, it’ll take you past farmland, and will also bring you close to the River Breamish. It’s a great dog walk with plenty of variety. 

2. Blanchland Circular, Durham

This is a beautiful circular walk in the heart of County Durham, offering around a mile and a half of gentle strolling that should take you less than an hour to cover. It’s actually part of the Northern Pennines, offering fantastic walks and sights along the Derwent, too.

3. Hepburn Wood, Rothbury

The circle trail at Hepburn Wood is certainly a bit off the beaten track, but that really is all part of the genuine charm! It’s one of the best woodland circulars for views and panoramas, and it’s often one of the quietest walking trails in the region and beyond, too. 

Best Coastal Dog Walks in Northumberland You’ll Always Remember

1. Craster

Craster is a marvellous coastal point that actually has more than a few different trails leading to and from it. However, we think the brilliant Dunstanburgh Castle trail is the best for you and your pet. This trail allows you to take in historic ocean views at a gentle pace. There are a number of other stunning beaches in Northumberland for dogs that serve as a great day out for the whole family.

2. Alnmouth Beach, Alnwick

There are plenty of lovely walks down across the Heritage Coast that you and your pup should enjoy. Alnmouth Beach is one of the best-kept sandy trails of them all, with the trail to Warkworth being of particular interest if you are keen to try out some amazingly long stretches.

3. Blythe Beach

Specifically, it’s a small section of Blythe South Beach you should be heading to for the best dog walks in this region, with some wonderful off lead areas waiting for you to sample. There are seaside staples for you to sample along the way, too – this area has it all.

National Park Walks in Northumberland to Make a Note of

1. Steel Rigg

The Steel Rigg and Crag Lough walk is one of the most famous trails in the National Park, offering you and your pup the chance to get up seriously close to the fantastic Hadrian’s Wall. This is a bit of a muddy trail with some slopes. Keep dogs on leads!

2. Simonside

The Simonside Hills dog walking trail is easily one of the best stretches in the Park for getting your pups up and moving. This is a craggy plot of land with amazing views, and what’s more, you will have access to a wide thicket or two of forestry. Get strolling!

3. Walltown Crags

Walltown itself with its country park is definitely worth a visit, but to get up close and personal to Hadrian’s Wall, the Crags offer some of the best access. This walking trail is ideal for anyone looking for the best in rural strolls Northumberland has to offer. Livestock alert here!

Last Word

Northumberland is one of those wonderful counties and stretches of the UK that strives to offer you a bit of everything. That goes just as much for dog walkers and their pets as it does for everyone else. The National Park is absolutely brimming with breath-taking sights, and naturally, all pets are going to love being this far out in the open. These dog friendly Northumberland coastal cottages are a must if you are thinking about booking a trip to this part of the world.

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If you’re tired of walking around, then definitely take a look at our list of pet friendly days out in Northumberland, too. The best dog walks here may well lead you to one or two places you can pop into with your pup – take a look around and see for yourself!

The Heritage Coast is also an amazing highlight of the region. Dog walking in Northumberland is breezy, inspiring, and always memorable for the right reasons. You are also in a great spot to explore the rest of the North, from the Pennines to the North East and the Yorkshire Dales a little further down.

Therefore, we really do recommend Northumberland as a perfect spot for you to take your pets on all kinds of green and scenic dog walks. Why not make a point of booking a holiday close to here soon?