14 of the Best Dog Walks in Scarborough

From the brilliant beaches to the stunning North York Moors National Park, there are plenty of great reasons to take a holiday in Scarborough with your pets. Are you looking for the best dog-friendly walks in Scarborough for your next summer trip away? You’ve come to the right place.

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Sensational Scarborough

Whether it’s sea views, woodland walks and circular trails full of that wonderful seaside air, there are lots to explore up on the North Yorkshire coast. Why not take a look at the pet friendly days out in Scarborough too?

Before you take your pup up to Scarborough, make sure to research the following walks.

Ideal Walks Around Scarborough for Dogs to Enjoy

1. The Cornelian Trail, Cornelian Bay

If you really want to take in the best dog walks Scarborough has to offer, you really should head to the beaches first. Cornelian Bay is truly spectacular! This circular walk up to the bay is just short of five miles long, great for explorers and dog lovers alike!

2. The Cinder Track

This old railway route is now a wonderful walking, cycling and horse riding trail. It’s great for dogs, but as it’s used by all comers, do take care and be vigilant! It’s a 21-mile stretch that will connect you from Scarborough over to Whitby with lots to see on route.

3. Peasholm Park and Lower Glen

In the heart of Scarborough itself, you’ll find this lovely park spot and natural glen. Great for those looking for a peaceful park walk with pets, this is also the site of many a festival and open air event, meaning there is often plenty of fun to be had here.

4. South Cliff Gardens

Scarborough’s historic South Cliff Gardens offer historic wooded walks and plenty of chances for you to explore coastal greenery with your pets. This walking spot combines wonderful seaside fun with various wildlife vantages, too – a great all-around walking trail for pets. 

5. The Mere 

Local dog lovers in Scarborough will tell you that one of the best spots for walking pups is the famous Mere – Lakeland that you’ll find down in the heart of Weaponness Valley. It was once a popular boating spot but now is mainly used by anglers. It’s 16 acres across!  

The Best Woodland Walks for Your Dogs to Enjoy

1. Raincliffe Woods Circular Trails

The Raincliffe Woods region is very popular with local dog lovers, with three distinct circle trails for you to tread through at your leisure. The Graham Trail is definitely a highlight here, with a stroll of around 45 minutes at a gentle pace. There are two other walks – Rowntree and Wallis.

2. Forge Valley Woods

We’ll explore the North York Moors in a bit more detail, but for now, let’s break for the Forge Valley Woods. This splendid forest trail really does offer you lots of opportunities to take in that gorgeous woodland air, with plenty of wildlife and a handy boardwalk pathway on the route.

3. The Scarborough Woodland Trail

There’s actually a trail in the region dedicated purely to the best of Scarborough’s wooded thickets! This famous trail is wonderfully flat and runs for just over four miles, with spots such as the Champion Trees and Valley Gardens. Take in woodland walks in Scarborough with dogs bit by bit.

The Best Coastal Dog Walks in Scarborough to Come Back To

1. The North Bay

Dog friendly beaches in Scarborough including North Bay is one of the most famous beach areas close to the town centre. The name is a bit of a giveaway – it’s in the northern reaches of the area. The Blue Flag beach here really is breath-taking – and there’s a designated dog walking zone marked out.

2. The South Bay

Scarborough’s South Bay is, of course, twinned with the Northern reach. Sparkling sands and rocky dunes await you here, with this end of the Bays being more of a tourist district. Great for seaside fun! There are restrictions on dog visits during busier months, so plan ahead before you go.

3. Cayton Bay

If you prefer your beach walks to be a little more rugged and woolly, then Cayton Bay is likely to be a great spot for you to stroll down. This is only a few miles away from the town centre and has a wide beach for you and your pets.

Breath-Taking Walks in Nearby National Parks

1. Broxa Forest

Broxa Forest is a simple walk-up in the North York Moors that takes you on six miles of dog-friendly trails close to Harwood Dale. It’s a wooded walk that is wonderful to experience even in colder or breezier weather, making it a great off-season spot for dog lovers.

2. Langdale Forest

Langdale Forest is a central, accessible walk in the North York Moors Park likely to appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure. This area actually links to a few different trails, with one popular spot, in particular, linking you across Bickley Trod and Worm Sike Rigg.

3. Newtondale

Newtondale is another Park favourite, and is, much like Broxa Forest, a six-mile circle run. These wooded trails will take you close to the railway and will give you gentle dips and climbs. This dog walk shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge if you are fairly fit!

Last Word

Dog walking in Scarborough really does offer something extra special, particularly if you are keen on taking a look at a nice balance between beach and country trails alike. Scarborough itself is a great little coastal town with tons of character, serving up family fun and amusement arcades all around. This is a true highlight of Yorkshire’s famous coastline, and as such, there are no reasons why your pets should ever have to miss out. Once you’ve taken a look for yourself, we are sure you will agree! You can also expand your trip to explore dog friendly routes throughout Yorkshire with our comprehensive page.

The best dog walks in the area may vary from person to person! Scarborough offers lots of different challenging trails as well as gentle strolls, meaning that whether you are a seasoned hiker or want to take things at a slower pace, you should find plenty of choice opening up. In fact, the walks we list for you above really only scratch the surface. Why not take a peek at our guide to top dog friendly attractions in Scarborough while you’re at it?

Ultimately, you really cannot beat this area for the balance of coast and country fun as well as the vast range of Scarborough dog friendly hot tub cottage holidays available. The North York Moors are true highlights in the county, meaning that if you do get the chance to explore them when booking one of the dog friendly Scarborough cottages, please set aside some serious time to do so – we can’t recommend the National Park enough!