14 of the Best Dog Walks in Shropshire

Is there anywhere in the country quite like Shropshire when it comes to spectacular country walks and vistas? Dog-friendly walks in Shropshire can be short, long or circular – but one thing’s for sure, they all benefit from that gorgeous backdrop that keeps people coming back for staycation after staycation.

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Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Superb Shropshire

Looking for more to do around the Shropshire Hills than just walk? Take a look at pet friendly days out in Shropshire with our alternative list. If you’ve never had the chance to get to see Shropshire up close before, now is absolutely the chance to make that change!

Our Top Five Brilliant Walks in Shropshire Dogs Will Love

1. Brown Clee

The Brown Clee is a genuine icon in the heart of Shropshire, a 540m tall mound that offers some truly stunning dog friendly walks just waiting for you to explore. There is a circular trail here that should take you around three hours to complete in full – take a look! 

2. Ludlow Castle, Ludlow

Ludlow Castle in and of itself is an absolute marvel for medieval history lovers. However, it’s also one of the true Shropshire highlights when it comes to dog walks. Take your pups on trails around castle pathways and grounds, and make sure to take it steady on the slopes.

3. The Mere, Ellesmere

Shropshire is not just grassy mounds and castle trails, as The Mere proves to be one of the most scintillating dog walking trails in the region of Ellesmere. The waterside and garden stroll from the promenade onwards around here are really gentle, ideal for dog lovers at 3km length.

4. Clun Circular

The Clun Circular is a spectacular walk, but one that is probably best for more experienced walkers and dog lovers. At almost 19km in length, this huge trail will take you past Offa’s Dyke and the Clun Castle ruins, offering you a nice breakdown of the best of the area.

5. The Wrekin

The Wrekin is an iconic hill that’s going to take quite a bit of a deep breath to try and cover from top to bottom! This site was once the home of an old fortress and it’s also got a lot of ancient historic interest, too – the world’s oldest rocks!

Wild and Wonderful Woodland Walks in Shropshire with Dogs

1. Mortimer Forest, Ludlow

Mortimer Forest is one of the best dog walks in Ludlow, offering a relatively young woodland trail that takes you from and around the nearby castle grounds. It’s a great picnicking spot, and all of the various trails and paths here are simple to tour at your own pace.

2. Haughmond Hill, Shrewsbury

If you don’t fancy taking on The Wrekin, you can at least see it from afar thanks to the several dog walks available around this woodland spot. It’s a little bit of an uneven setting, though with multiple trails and with fantastic views of the local area, it’s certainly recommended.

3. Long Mynd

Deep in the heart of rural Shropshire, the Long Mynd is a farmland and grazing area that you’ll likely be interested in if you’re keen to check out the local wildlife. There are plenty of dog-friendly wooded and wide-open trails here, too, so make sure to make a beeline soon.

Dog-Friendly Circular Walks in Shropshire You’ll Adore

1. Battlefield 1403, Shrewsbury

Sometimes called the Upper Battlefield, this simple walking trail takes you across green, local history, into where Henry IV once did battle. This is a circular stroll that even benefits from a visitor centre, meaning you can take your pup for a drink once you’ve worked around the trail. 

2. Wilfred Walk, Haughmond Hill

We’ve already taken a look at Haughmond Hill, but it’s worth breaking it down a little to take a look at the Wilfred Walk, the circular trail that’s named after legendary war wordsmith Wilfred Owen. This walk would even fit nicely into our wooded section, with ponds galore too.

3. Onny Meadows

The Onny Meadows puts you in close reach of the gorgeous Shropshire Hills, and this 2km walk will take you around meadowland and riverbank reaches, great for a bit of variety in the local walking scenes. There’s tons of wildlife to spot, and there are pubs around the corner. 

Cracking Country Park Walks for Dogs

1. Granville Country Park, Telford

Granville Country Park offers you over 4km of gorgeous country and woodland walks, built on a closed mine. This is one of the best-marked and signposted dog walking spots, offering a few ponds and steep inclines here and there – so definitely watch your step as you go along!

2. Severn Valley Country Park

The stunning Severn Valley Country Park serves up more than 120 acres of gorgeous greenery for you and your pets to explore. This is a Green Flag winning park and is also a great day out for all the family. There’s plenty of picnicking opportunities dotted across the region, too.

3. Attingham Park

The lovely Attingham Park is a National Trust site with a difference, opening up more than 200 acres of beautiful parkland for you to enjoy. Of course, you can enjoy much of what’s here for you to explore with your pets, too! There are few areas like this close by, either!

Last Word

Shropshire is a delightful county that’s famous with locals and visitors alike, mainly for the fact that it is picturesque to a fault. The dog walks in and around the region are some of the most peaceful and serene, and what’s more, you can take on challenging hill walks or gentle flats as you prefer. You make Shropshire dog walking work your way and be sure to check out all the brilliant Shropshire dog friendly hot tub cottage holidays.

Of course, regardless of where you walk in Shropshire, there’s always a chance that you’re going to want to check into a pub or two along the way! Therefore, why not start looking into pet friendly pubs in Shropshire? Dogs are welcome at many different establishments across the region, meaning it’s well worth taking on a drink or two to refresh. You may even find that there are some pubs that offer your pets treats at the bar, too!

Beyond friendly pubs and drinking scenes, do take a look at the countryside dog walks in Shropshire. Sometimes, the best walks are recommended by fellow dog lovers – after all, who will know the trails better than them?

Take our list of where to walk your dog as a great starting point and start finding your own unique adventures along the way, too. Nice and simple – prepare for the perfect walk.