14 of the Best Dog Walks in Staffordshire

Staffordshire remains one of the first counties families head to when it comes to staycation adventuring. However, it’s just as famous for its dog walks, too! That’s why we set up this great little guide to the best dog-friendly walks in Staffordshire – just in case you fancy taking a look around!

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Spectacular Staffordshire

Staffordshire is certainly a county for adventurers, but there are plenty of attractions out there for those looking for a peaceful stroll or two. Why not sit a spell in one of the pet friendly pubs in Staffordshire while you’re here? It makes sense to relax!

The Best Walks in Staffordshire for Dogs to Roam

1. The Cannock Chase

The Cannock Chase is easily one of the most famous designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the area. The forest here, in particular, is amazingly broad and dog friendly – and there are even water bowls pets can drink from outside the cafes here, too. Why leave them behind?

2. Park Hall Country Park, Stoke

This lovely walk is a fantastic opportunity for dog lovers and their pets who enjoy a variety of greenery and scenery when out and about stretching their legs. There are stacks of open space here, and there are hills and forests galore. Three trails open up to you here to explore.

3. The Tolkien Trail, Cannock Chase

Heading back to the Cannock Chase, the Tolkien Trail is so named thanks to the area supposedly inspiring JRR Tolkien when he wrote the stories of Middle Earth. This is also very popular with fans of military history. There are long walks through woods and heaths here, good for trekkers.

4. Deep Hayes Country Park, Leek

The Deep Hayes Country Park experience takes you through almost 10km of woodland and meadow trails, and you can also connect to the Caldon Canal for something different along the way. It’s a very peaceful walk, and it’s even better for dogs who love to take a paddle or two.

5. Trentham Estate 

The Trentham Estate has so many dog walking trails, it really is impossible to list them all here. There are wooded walks, sculpture sights, flats and popular trails for you to head down at your own pace. It’s a flexible adventure. There’s even dog cafe treats nearby, too!”

The Best Waterside Walks in Staffordshire for your Dog

1. Tixhall, Stafford

The Tixhall trail often gets forgotten about thanks to there being so many wide-open dog walking experiences in Staffordshire! However, we’re here to change that. Tixhall’s walks will take you close to some historical buildings, and best of all, canalside and along the River Sow – great for cool evening walks.

2. Knypersley Reservoir, Biddulph

This stunning canal feeding body of water offers a delightful country stroll around the edge, making it an ideal walking spot for dogs and their owners who want to get close to the water without having to go for a swim! There are 14 hectares to look across here.

3. Rudyard Lake, Leek

Rudyard Lake is ideal for dogs and walkers who want to fine-tune their perfect waterside walks their own way. It’s entirely possible for you to gently walk around the whole of the lake before taking it to the woods. It’s a real smorgasbord for a pet that loves new scents!

Wonderful Woodland Walks in Staffordshire with Dogs

1. Barlaston Downs

The wonderful woods at Barlaston Downs make up a National Trust site, so you immediately know that you are walking through pristine forestry from the moment you arrive. The main dog route here is around a mile and a half long, with an additional half mile if you climb uphill.

2. Loynton Moss, Woodseaves

Loynton Moss remains one of the quietest, gentlest dog walking areas in the whole of Staffs County. Full of spectacular flowers and wild plants, the main forest walking trail here will take you across off lead zones and into the heart of Staffs’ canalside scenes. A really lovely walk! 

3. Downs Banks, Stone

Downs Banks offers a super simple stroll or two for you and a pet, with just under two and a half kilometres of wooded walks and open grass for you to explore as you wish. It’s one of the best off-load walking zones in the region, on the whole, so go free!

Hillside Walks

1. The Cloud, Macclesfield

This magnificent mound is easy to spot from afar and actually offers almost 15km of exhilarating dog friendly walks all around its fields and steep slopes. There are bridleways to traverse and you might need to catch your breath – but it’s all worth it for those amazing views.

2. Cheeks Hill, Peak District

Cheeks Hill actually drifts into the Peak District National Park but is still very much part of Staffs. It’s a rigorous, hilly trail up here, which should take you around eight or nine kilometres to complete. There are tons of country vistas to gaze across, with country pubs close by.

3. The Roaches, Peak District

Other Peaks pick, this dog-friendly hilltop stroll will take you across ridges and rugged vistas. You can even see Snowdonia from up on high! This is a tall, mountainous trail that’s likely recommendable for more experienced walkers. However, do make a point to come and check it out!

Last Word

Staffordshire pretty much has it all as far as home holiday attractions are concerned. However, there is more to the county than Alton Towers and Drayton Manor, as it’s quickly becoming one of the best-loved places to walk your dog in this corner of the country. The best dog walks for miles are easy to spot at the Peaks’ edges, or down towards Stafford itself.

Of course, if you do want to show your pet the sights of Staffs beyond walking trails, there are lots for you to see and do with them across the county. In fact, we have set up a full guide on pet friendly days out in Staffordshire. Definitely make a point to read up on that before you head anywhere!

If you’ve never taken the time to explore Staffs beyond its main attractions, there are stacks of country walks and trails that are begging for you to check out. Dog walking in Staffordshire can be breath-taking as well as energising. Quite literally – as the hills here are definitely great for those of us who love to really get the blood pumping on our regular walks and strolls.

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