14 of the Best Dog Walks in Surrey

Fancy taking a lookout at the best dog-friendly walks in Surrey? Surrey is a county well known for both its miles and miles of woodland, as well as its many hills and valleys. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to say that dog walking in Surrey is all but a given. 

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Surrey

If you’re really keen to explore the best of the Surrey countryside with pets but don’t know where to start, don’t worry – as we are always here to help. What’s more, definitely make a point to check out our guide on the dog friendly days out in Surrey has to offer, too.

The Top Rated Walks in Surrey for Dogs

1. Winkworth Arboretum, Godalming

Based down in Godalming, the Winkworth Arboretum is a national trust haven that offers more than a thousand different tree species as well as a lovely, simple walking trail that stretches more than 2.5km. The only thing the Trust asks is that you keep your dogs on leads.

2. Box Hill, Tadworth

Box Hill is a definite highlight of the local North Downs, offering a brilliant vantage point over the wider valleys. However, the area is perhaps most popular with dog lovers for the sheer variety of trails available. You could take a trip through woodland one day, then across green pastures.

3. Newlands Corner, Shere

Newlands Corner is a lovely little reserve spot that serves up more than 250 acres of woodland and greenery for you and your pups to explore. There are lots of different types of tree growing here, ideal for nosey dogs that want to really take it all in by scent!

4. St Martha’s Hill, Guildford

St Martha’s Hill is a famous dog walking point in Surrey mainly for the fact that it offers unrivalled views across the wider counties! As the name suggests, it is a little bit of a climb, but for active walkers and energetic pets, this probably isn’t likely a problem.

5. Horsell Common, Woking 

Horsell Common is arguably Woking’s best dog walking spot, offering over a thousand trees to walk through and marvel at, with nearly 900 acres (!) of glorious greenery that your pet can explore at their leisure. It’s an amazing wildlife spot, too, so bring your binoculars with you when you come to visit.

Wondrous Woodland Walks in Surrey with Dogs

1. Banstead Woods

Banstead’s Woods offers ancient forestry that is likely to fascinate dog walkers who really want to take a step back into the local past. This area used to be a deer park but it’s since been converted into a fully-fledged, multi-trail forest exploration. At 5km, it’s lengthy but straightforward.

2. Headley Heath

Headley Heath’s amazing triangle of public footpaths certainly confirms that it is amazingly dog friendly. The best dog walks across the Heath normally take place at sundown, as that’s when you will be able to spy incredible horizon views. If you’ve never seen the sunset in person, head here first.

3. Foxley Woods, Purley

Foxley Woods offers an impressive 27 acres of forestry for you and your pets to saunter through. It has a very popular and very straightforward circular walk, nice and easy for you and your pup to explore. It also makes for a great family day out thanks to volunteers’ hard work.

Breath-Taking Waterside Walks in Surrey

1. The River Wey, Guildford

The wonderful River Way is famous for its many, many towpath connections, meaning that you and your dogs will be able to enjoy getting close up to the water’s edge as you explore the lovely reaches of historic Guildford. Trails stretch down here to around 3km – a simple walk.

2. Virginia Water

Virginia Water takes you up to the very head of Surrey itself, offering waterfalls, picnic spots and even gardens with more than a few ornamental touches. It’s actually something of a lakeside gem, particularly as it has famous connections with Queen Victoria – if she enjoyed it, you certainly can too!

3. Chantries Hill 

The circular walking trail around Chantries Hill is simple yet memorable for all the right reasons, offering a walk that’s probably going to get you out of breath if you pace it too quickly! Keep your dogs leaded up around the country spots, as there may be livestock roaming about!

Country Park Walks in Surrey Your Dogs Will Love

1. The Devil’s Punch Bowl, Hindhead

The Devil’s Punch Bowl is easily one of the most iconic walking spots in the whole county area. It offers a colossal heathland expanse with a trail that leads around 8km across. The views here are truly amazing, too, with views that extend for miles and miles across the county. Worth the trip!

2. Lightwater Country Park, Lightwater

Lightwater Country Park offers a simple walk of around 3km, extending around a wide variety of heath, woodland and more besides. There are plenty of ponds as well as an abundance of wildlife to spot here, meaning it’s very likely your dog is going to adore every last step.

3. The Rural Life Centre, Farnham

The Rural Life Centre down in Farnham is actually a museum of sorts, fairly unique in that it is completely open air! This fabulous dog walking paradise grants you lovely strolls around a variety of different trails, with the benefit of there being lots of educational points of interest along the route.

Last Word

The best country walks with dogs to explore in Surrey could well be in the list above! Why not take a closer look at what’s available in the wider reaches and see if you can add to our list? The fact is, Surrey offers more than just hills and valleys. It’s amazingly well known for its heaths, its river walks and more besides. There are plenty of great vantage points for you to see for miles cross-county, too, meaning this really is a walker’s paradise if you are keen to see as much of natural Britain as possible. What’s not to love?

If you’re heading to Surrey any time soon to enjoy the walks, do also make a point to check out our list of the pet friendly pubs in Surrey, too. Why not stop off for a drink or two while you have the time?

Having visited Surrey many times before with our pets, we can safely say that the walks and Surrey dog friendly cottages need to be experienced to be believed. We truly feel that this county has some of the top countryside vistas in the whole of the UK. Don’t miss out! Take a good look at what’s on offer through our list, and find your own favourites.