14 of the Best Dog Walks in Windermere

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to visit the Lake District before, you’ll likely agree that there’s nowhere quite like it for holidaying on your doorstep. But what about the best dog-friendly walks in Windermere? What should you be looking for in terms of dog walking trails and stretches in the region?

Find Good Places to Walk Dogs in Windermere

Windermere happens to be the biggest and the best of the Lake District’s charming waterside stretches. Therefore, there are lots to see and do out here with your pets. Do also take a look at our guide to the top dog attractions in Windermere, too! Plan a holiday for you and your pets.

Our Top Picks for Windermere Walks with Your Dogs

1. Stickle Tarn, Langdale

Stickle Tarn is a famous dog walking spot that really takes you up into the heavens. This is some of the hilliest walking points close to Windermere itself, and it even has a few separate trails available for walkers and hikers of different experiences. Take your pup up for an adventure!

2. Rydal Water

Rydal Water is a great Lake District walk that’s close to Windermere and which takes you around the centre of the Park. There are interesting walks around the area such as the Coffin Road, and there are even waterfalls for you to spy on the route, too. Take it in!

3. Aira Force and Ullswater

Ullswater is a very popular walking region in the vicinity of Windermere, and this particular stroll will take you around three hours to travel at a very gentle pace. The Aira Force is actually a magnificent waterfall, well worth taking photos of on your trails around the area.

4. Watendlath Valley

The Lake District has more than just flat waterside strolls for you to enjoy. Take a lookout at Watendlath Valley, where you can take your pup on a relatively flat stroll that’s around five miles plus the whole route round. There’s wooded patches and a hamlet close by. 

 5. Thirlmere

Thirlmere is close to Windermere, Keswick and Legburthwaite, and offers you a fairly simple dog-friendly stroll with minimal challenge. Great for active dogs and relatively fit owners, this spot will take you along the High Seat as well as the famous Raven Crag – a picturesque day out for sure.

The Most Memorable Woodland Walks in Windermere with Dogs

1. Grizedale Forest

Grizedale Forest is perhaps the most famous of the wooded walks close to Windermere. This extensive forest patch is positioned close to Coniston Water, too, and offers some of the best views in the region. It’s around 24 square kilometres wide – that’s an awful lot of ground to cover!

2. Dodd Fell and Dodd Wood

The lovely Dodd Fell is close to both Windermere and Bassenthwaite. It’s one of the most accessible wooded trails and open lakeside strolls, meaning that even 500m up, you can get a pushchair up to the top! This makes for a wonderfully hilly yet pleasing walk for you and your dogs.

3. Loweswater Circuit

The Loweswater Circuit is another popular haunt for forest lovers and their pets. This particular stroll is around three and a half miles long, and is likely to be a little testing in places, but is still really gentle. What we really like is the abundance of stopping points!

The Best Walks Close to the Water’s Edge

1. Derwentwater

If you ask any local dog walkers to name one of the most iconic lakeside strolls in the District, then it’s likely they will mention Derwentwater. Easy to get to from Windermere, there are nine miles around this body of water, and you’ll also be able to take in the peaks.

2. Wray Castle and Claife

When it comes to trails close to Lake Windermere itself, the trail heading up from Wray Castle around the Claife Station never fails to please. It’s actually one of the safest walks on the list, and your pets will even be able to get their paws wet if they like! 

3. Latrigg

If the hill walks around the District don’t appeal to you, then do make sure to check out the blissful strolls available around Latrigg. This walking spot will take you up to Derwentwater as well as the insight of Bassenthwaite, making it the ‘greatest hits package for the whole District.

Dog Walks in the Heart of the National Park

1. The Great Wood

Thought you were out of the woods? Pun intended – as The Great Wood really does live up to its name. It’s close to Walla Crag and offers you unbeatable green views. There’s also the Millennium Stone monument to take in, as well as Ashness Bridge close by.

2. Lowther Castle

Lowther Castle is another great trail that’s close to Windermere and well within the District Park. The Castle itself dates back to the 1800s, and you can now take your pet for walks around the ruins. There are lovely cafes close by here, too, meaning you can easily refresh.

3. Catbells

Catbells is a great National Park spot that is at the edge of Derwentwater, and which offers a bit of a challenging walk for casual strollers. This tends to be a bit of a moderate walking option, meaning that you’ll need to make sure you have the best boots on!

Last Word

Windermere is, of course, the most famous of all of the lakes in the famous District, meaning it’s become something of a haven for dog lovers. What we really love about this area is the fact that it’s a central base for all kinds of rural adventures in Cumbria and the sheer number of pet friendly cottages in Windermere and Bowness. Whether you want to take in the peaks and valleys, or would prefer to stick to the waterside strolls, you absolutely have the pick of what you’d like to do from the best dog walks. If you need other accommodation, see all the pet friendly log cabins in Windermere.

Of course, the area is also full of quaint spots such as cafes and bistros. If you’re keen to find a spot for you and your pet to cool down in after a tough walk, then take a look over at our guide to the pet friendly pubs in Windermere. You’d be surprised how many drinking spots welcome pups nowadays! The fact is, Windermere and its lake siblings remain hugely popular with dog lovers.

The Lakes really do provide some absolutely stunning moments, far from the bustling cities and metropolises you may be used to elsewhere. It’s little wonder that so many people head here even for short breaks or day trips!

So – start planning that ideal dog walk. Take a look at some of the trails we list for you above, and why not hunt down a few new favourites of your own? Dog walking in Windermere really is something special.