How To Keep Your Dog Entertained In The Car (Practical Tips)

How to entertain your dog in the car

Travelling with their furry companion is an exciting adventure for many dog owners. Whether heading to the beach or visiting family, taking your pup on a car journey is a brilliant time to bond together.

Table of Contents

7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Occupied in the Car

1. Practice New Tricks on a Long Car Trip

2. Pack A Dog Chew Toy

White and brown dog biting an orange toy

3. Have a Few Treats ready for the Car Ride

4. Take a Few Rest Stops on the Road Trip

5. Watch Nature Videos on your Phone

6. Keep your Dog Occupied by Talking and Singing

A girl singing to her dog whilst sat down playing the guitar

7. Crack the Window to Make it a More Enjoyable Ride




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