How To Travel In The Car With Your Dog (Do's And Don'ts)

Travelling in the car with your dogs

How to travel in the car with your dog is a topic every dog owner should know about. Whether planning a weekend getaway or just taking your furry friend to a vet appointment, ensuring your dog is comfortable during car journeys is essential.

Table of Contents

How to Travel With a Dog in a Car UK


1. Carry Plenty of Water and Keep Your Dog Cool

A girl kneeling down to give there dog a drink in a collapsible bowl

2. Plan Routes and Breaks on Long Trips

3. Be Aware of Motion Sickness

4. Help Your Dog Relax on the Car Journey

5. Take Your Dogs Favourite Toy or Blanket

A small dog with mouth open and paws wrapped around the soft toy

6. Ensure an up-to-date ID Tag or are Microchipped

7. Keep Your Dog Suitably Restrained


1. Let Your Dog Hang Out of the Window

2. Feed Your Dog Before You Set Off

3. Leave Them Alone in a Hot Car

Dog panting in car whilst window is cracked open

4. Forget the Dog's Usual Food

5. Forget to Switch Off the Passenger Side Airbag

6. Open Windows Entirely on Car Journeys

Shih tzu dog leaning out of a window fully down in a moving car

7. Attempt a Long Journey for the First Time




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