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Heart of England dog friendly log cabins truly are something you must try.  The counties here are open and wonderful – it’s a great place to holiday with friends, family, and pets. That’s why there are so many luxury lodge breaks opening up in the region! If you’re looking for an authentic log cabin or holiday lodge breakaway, now might be the best time to book in.

Want to explore Herefordshire, Shropshire or beyond? The Heart of England is full of some of the best walks and views that the country has to offer. Why not take a break here with your dog and explore some of the wider hills, valleys and plains in your own back yard?

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It’s time to find that perfect lodge or cabin spot in the Heart of England. Are you looking for a ground floor cabin that sleeps 4? Maybe you’re looking for a cosy nook that sleeps 2 and offers plenty of space for a dog.

Take a look through our top picks and find out more.

About Lodges in the Heart of England with Dogs

Lodge holidays in the Heart of England bring you closer to the glorious greenery the UK is well-known for. The Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or AONBs, out here are truly magnificent. There’s nothing quite like a long, breezy walk with your pets, and when you book your own holiday lodge close to the Heart of England, you’ll be able to get out and explore all the wonderful sights and trails right from your doorstep.

Take a look at some of the best pet friendly attractions and walking spots that you and your dog can enjoy in the Heart of England. Book a holiday lodge close by and enjoy the forests, rolling dales and more.

Activities & Attractions


The Peak District

When many people think about the Heart of England, they immediately think of the Peak District. It’s easy to assume that England is all small hills and valleys, but the Peaks really do offer something a little bit different to behold.

England is really well-known for its National Parks, and the Peak District covers a huge expanse of land that will take more than a few days out to cover in total. What’s more, you’ll find hidden gems in the Park such as Dovedale, too, which simply have no equal elsewhere.


Severn Valley Country Park

Deep in the heart of Shropshire is the truly stunning Severn Valley Country Park. As you’d expect, this park backs onto the River Severn, and offers incredible rural walks which are close to the likes of Kidderminster and Bridgnorth. It’s already a very popular spot for families as well as walking and hiking enthusiasts, but the area gets even more fun when you bring a dog into the mix!

The Country Park is also well-loved by cyclists with plenty of trails and paths for you to stream down. It’s a perfect picnicking spot, too, meaning that couples can easily take their pups with them to enjoy the wonderful stretches of waterway and green walks while enjoying a nibble.


The Herefordshire Trail

The Herefordshire Trail allows you to take in the best of the county’s village scenes as well as the countryside. The city of Hereford is pretty much unlike any other city you’ve visited before. While still popular and full of amazing history, it’s not the bustling, exhausting metropolis you might expect it to be!

This Trail is massively popular with dog walkers thanks to its fantastic length. It’s around 150 miles of sheer country walking fun, meaning it’s unlikely you or your pet will get bored on your way around the best of the county area. Take a look in on the various village scenes and sample some dog friendly pubs while you’re at it, too!


Bibury Trout Farm

We could list the whole of the Cotswolds in this guide, but they are truly massive! Instead, let’s focus on a genuine highlight. Bibury Trout Farm is a great attraction to take pets to. Open during the drier, sunnier months, you’ll be able to pop in and even try catching your own fish. On its own, however, the trout farm is a fantastic green walking space ideal for dogs and their owners looking for a simple trail or two to while away the hours.

The Cotswolds are absolutely brimming with scenery and attractions that are great for pets, so by all means take the time to look through more of the niche trails and scenes.


The Malvern Hills

One of the most popular and most memorable of the AONBs in the Heart of England, the Malvern Hills offer unbeatable views for miles and miles around. Picturesque walks and valleys will offer you plenty of inspiration to head out and get some fresh air each and every day. When you have your own holiday lodge close by, regular walks across the hills and valleys become a dream come true.

The Malvern Hills are not only wonderful to look at for their natural beauty, but also for their incredible historic forts and heritage scenes, too. It’s safe to say that this is a corner of the Heart of England history lovers will want to keep coming back to.


Cirencester Park

Part of the majestic Bathurst Estate, Cirencester Park offers some brilliant dog walks experiences across parkland that has amazing history to it. For example, did you know that the park was once used to help house a military base?

These days, the park serves as an amazing day out for dogs and their owners. The park is clearly signposted and it’s a great plot of land where you can just let your pups run free and enjoy the fresh air. There are a few areas of conservation in the park, too – meaning that while you are free to marvel at them, do make sure you have a close eye on your pet.


Salcey Forest

Salcey Forest is a lovely corner of Northamptonshire that serves woodland fun for families, dog owners and their pets. This is an ancient forest run, meaning that it’s positively unspoilt – great for anyone looking to ‘get back to nature’ and to really see what the natural side of England looks like.

This is a brilliant family friendly day out spot as it offers play park fittings and wide open space. However, it’s your dogs who are going to love these wooded reaches the most!

The Last Word

Book one of our pet friendly lodges in the Heart of England where you can just let your dogs run wild and explore the fantastic woods and countryside. The air out here is fresh and re-invigorating! What’s more, you’re right on the doorstep of some amazing AONBs as well as popular resorts such as the Cotswolds and the Peak District.

Dog friendly lodges up in the Heart of England are always going to be very popular, no matter the time of year. Therefore, start looking for that perfect cabin now and really beat the rush!

More Locations

If you are still unsure about what to book, find more dog friendly log cabins in the UK here.

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