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Hand-Picked North of England Lodge Breaks

North of England dog friendly log cabins really are home to some of the most spectacular views with walks, history and heritage all nearby. It’s a fantastic place to holiday in on your own or with the family, but with a dog, you can help to make things that little bit more memorable!

There are plenty of holiday lodges, log cabins and more opening up across the North of England, from close to Areas of Natural Beauty to the famous coastlines. A lodge break up here will offer you comfort, luxury, and ease of access to some of the best walks you and your pups will enjoy all year round.

Choose Your Location

Are you looking for that perfect lodge breakaway in the North of England? Allow us to help you narrow down your search. Your own perfect, private lodge might be a ground floor log cabin, a conversion, or even a stylish chalet.

There’s lots to choose from, so make sure to carefully research the best spots for you and your pets – with luxury guaranteed.

About Lodges in the North of England with Dogs

Lodge holidays in the North of England are always special. From your own private chalet or cabin, you could stride out onto the beautiful beaches of the North Yorkshire Coast, or you could take a tour of the Dales with your dog right from your front door.

We’ve hunted down some spectacular chalets and cabin spots that bring you closer to the amazing natural beauty that this end of the country has on offer. The fact is the North of England has a lot to show for itself – and it’d be a shame if you left your dog behind while you enjoy it all up close!

Activities & Things to Do


The North York Moors

If there’s a popular dog walking spot in the North of England that really appeals to all pet owners, it’s the North York Moors. Wild, rugged, and the inspiration for all manner of books, movies, TV shows and more, the Moors have that incredible edge to them that’s hard to communicate through words and pictures alone.

The wild, unspoilt moorlands are here for the exploring. Just make sure to find yourself a friendly, quiet spot in the countryside and head on out with your pet to take on trail after trail. There are also plenty of National Trust spots close by, too, making this an absolute must-see central base.



Yes – the whole of Whitby! The town itself is absolutely charming, with quaint streets and alleyways, authentic fish shops and harbour scenes, and what’s more, it’s brimming with dog friendly beach stretches, making it easier than ever for you to go on coastal adventures with your pup. Whitby tends to split in two, with gorgeous greenery up the top and charming fishing village fun towards sea level.

Whitby has a lot to show for itself and it’s just one of the best spots in the North of England for you to take your pet on all kinds of walks and adventures. There are plenty of dog friendly pubs up here, too!


Brimham Rocks

The Brimham Rocks remains one of our favourite haunts when taking our dogs on holiday in the North of England. These rock formations are wonderfully bizarre and make for some fantastic photo opportunities. It’s also a lovely natural playground for pets, and a great spot for all the family to get out and about.

There are various paths leading to and from the Rocks which connect via Nidderdale, the famous Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty close by. It’s a National Trust site that’s openly dog friendly, meaning that you can also expect pup appeal at the visitor centre should you spend a day trailing the rocks.


Scarborough Castle

There are tons to see and do in and around the town of Scarborough itself, but if you are looking for local history in the North of England where you can freely walk your pet, then you’ll need to take in the glorious castle. Scarborough Castle’s ruins have remained here for hundreds of years, and while taking in the ancient stones, you’ll also be able to spy the glorious North Yorkshire coastline from a distance.

This is a great holiday spot and a day out idea for families, couples, dog walkers and more. Take a look around!


Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Running through the heart of Haworth, this authentic steam train experience will take you through the heart of the countryside that inspired the Bronte sisters. Wuthering heights, in particular, is inspired by the region, and you’ll be able to take your dog on an extensive tour of the grassy hills and valleys – and you can even take them on the train, too!

Connect into Haworth itself and experience the wonderful village shops and scenes, again, with a real feel of ‘Bronte country’ about the area. This is a literature lover’s paradise, and we’re sure your dogs will enjoy it, too!


Walbottle Brickworks and Orchard

Up in Newcastle, this stunning reserve is reclaimed land that offers you a slice of greenery in the North of England that’s pretty rare to come by. It’s an absolute hotspot for nature lovers and flower fans, as it’s absolutely brimming with flora and fauna as far as the eye can see. It’s a lovely stroll as well as somewhere that your dogs can bound about and play for a while.

Do take the time to check out the orchard here, as you’ll be able to pick yourself some berries to take away and enjoy in certain seasons.


Whitby Abbey

Yes – back to Whitby again – but why not? Whitby Abbey is an imposing, always-popular landmark that looks over the popular seaside town, and it’s even more famous for being the main inspiration for the novel Dracula, written by Bram Stoker. That’s why many people still refer to Whitby as ‘vampire country’!

However, don’t worry about running into any bloodsuckers up here. The Abbey is up in the heavens at the top of the town, meaning you’ll either need to take the famous steps or to take a tour bus up to the Abbey grounds. Once here, you and your pup can enjoy the stunning panoramas of the town and the coastline beyond, as well as the ruins of the ancient chapel.

The Last Word

Book one of our pet friendly lodges in the North of England today as they sell out fast. However, there’s an awful lot of ground to cover. North east, north west, Yorkshire – even crossing the border from Carlisle into southern Scotland – there are lots of holiday lodge spots up here, meaning it really is a case of finding that ideal town or breakaway and booking into somewhere luxurious.

Dog friendly lodges in the North of England are available all year round to book, particularly as country and coastal adventures up here don’t have to rely on good weather – and just as well, really! Take your pet and enjoy the miles and miles of wonderful walks.

More Locations

If your yet to book, head back to our lodge page and find your perfect dog friendly log cabin.

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