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Hand-Picked South of England Lodge Breaks

South of England dog friendly log cabins really do have to be experienced. Many people think of the south and might think of London, Cambridge and other university cities and metropolitan centres.

However, there are actually plenty of coastal and country walks to be explored down here, many of which are superb for visiting and enjoying with your dog.

Are you looking for a lodge break in the South of England? Want to bring your dog along for the fun? Why not – take a look through our picks of the best dog friendly attractions in the region, and secure that chalet or cabin break as soon as possible.

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There are all kinds of lodge breaks and cabins available in the South of England. Why not try a ground floor cabin, or somewhere complete with a hot tub or even your own outdoor decking?

Lodges in the South of England are easier to come by now than ever before. Take a look through our guide and our top picks!

About Lodges in the South of England with Dogs

Lodge holidays in the South of England, as you might expect, covers plenty of ground. You’re taking into account London, Sussex, Kent, Cambridgeshire, the coast – all the way down to Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. The fact is, there are scores of beautiful walking locations down this end of the country, and what’s more, there are plenty of luxury lodges waiting for you to book into, too.

A staycation is a great idea if you want to cut down on travel time, and if you want to show your pet the very best that England has to offer! If you’re stuck for ideas on lodge holiday breaks in the South of England, check out our list of dog friendly attractions and escapes below.

Activities & Things to Do


Cheddar Gorge

Somerset is well-known for all kinds of dog walks. However, if you really want to look for a dog walk and an outdoor sightseeing trip quite unlike any other, make a beeline for Cheddar Gorge! This highlight of the South of England serves up craggy rocks and intriguing caves for miles around. Just always make sure to keep your pets on short leads to ensure that they are safe at all times.

You’ll also want to take a look at the local village and town scenes nearby, too – and why not? Cheddar itself is quaint yet full of modern convenience.


Shorne Woods Country Park

Kent is referred to by many as the Garden of England, and it’s certainly a gem in the crown of the South of England. Shorne Woods offers up woodland walking that’s really hard to beat. It’s a country park that’s absolutely bristling with lush woodland over almost 300 acres. There are trails which differ in length all the way up to 10km, and it’s a really easy walk for many family groups. There’s little chance your pets will get tired out here, so definitely make a point of visiting if they are the really energetic sort!

There’s flat parkland as well as wide open woodland here, lovely to explore whether you’re with a dog, your partner or your family.


Birling Gap

Birling Gap is a very popular National Trust site that lies in the heart of West Sussex. One of the best dog walking spots in the whole of the South of England – we’re not exaggerating – you’ll have access to incredible sea views as well as green landscapes as far as the eye can see. It’s also a very popular spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

The Birling Gap is close to the South Downs, a local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) that’s pretty hard to ignore if you are touring the local region!


The Heddon Valley

It’s pretty safe to say that Devon is full of exciting country breakaway spots and dog walks. However, the Heddon Valley is a bit of a hidden gem. Yes, the Jurassic Coast really is worth seeing and exploring in detail, but Heddon’s cliff walk is a short escape that brings the best of natural Devon to your doorstep without the need for you to get too exhausted!

This is a great climbing spot as well as a trail that takes you around the edges of England and Wales. If you find a lodge spot nearby, it will likely act as a great base for you to explore the best of the South of England as well as wider Wales.


Ashclyst Forest

Sticking in Devon for now, Ashclyst Forest is another of those hidden gems that’s likely to appeal to pets and walkers alike. This lush woodland runs the length of almost 5km, and offers you a nice, easy stroll down some of the wooded walks Devonshire is so famous for. It’s another prime spot for you to spy local wildlife and to go birdwatching, too.

It’s also close to the majestic Killerton House, and there are dog friendly pubs in the region which are well worth checking into for a quick drink at the end of your adventure for the day.


Compton Bay

If you fancy taking a ferry over to the Isle of Wight, you’ll find there are plenty of gorgeous dog walks and attractions where you can take your four legged friend on all kinds of adventures. Compton Bay is just one of them, showing off the majestic sands that the island is well known for. It’s a very popular surfing spot as well as being chock full of interesting pebbles, rockeries and wildlife.

Compton Bay, of course, is just one of the many highlights that the Isle of Wight has to offer. We dare say it’s worth exploring the island in closer detail if you’re serious about booking that lodge break in the heart of the South of England.


The Jurassic Coast

Can we really talk about dog friendly holidays in the South of England without mentioning the Jurassic Coast? Probably not! Therefore, take a look at the miles and miles of ancient coastline stretches here, which will take you across the boundaries of Devon and Dorset. This is a famous filming location, and what’s more, it covers various towns and communities in the local areas – making it more than just a day out.

Take in the majestic sea views, the rugged trails – all in your own time.

The Last Word

Pet friendly lodges in the South of England is a brilliant way for you to kick back and relax with your partner, your family and/or your dogs! Take a look around for some superb cabins and chalets in the southern regions and make sure to take your pooch on a walk or two around the rugged hills, ocean backdrops and more.

There’s more to the South of England than London and its boroughs. Check out all it has to offer and find that perfect holiday home to settle down into after a long day of sightseeing and energetic fun with your pup. Dog friendly lodges in the South of England book out fast so don’t wait around!

More Locations

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