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Dog friendly lodges on the Isle of Wight

Ever made the journey across the Channel to the Isle of Wight before? Full of unique character and charm, the Isle really is its own entity. What’s more, there are plenty of dog friendly lodges on the Isle of Wight that are popping up all the time.

It’s little wonder why! The Isle of Wight has an amazing coastline. That also means you are always likely to find seaside town after seaside town to explore here. Therefore, a dog friendly holiday just makes sense. Take a look out at the incredible history of the Isle of Wight, the family friendly attractions and more!

The Best Pet Friendly Lodges in the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight really is a bit of a hidden gem. Tucked away right off the coast of Hampshire, this is something of a dog friendly holiday paradise. You’re far from the crowds of cities and towns on the mainland, and there’s always a beach!

If you’re looking into dog friendly lodges and cabins on the Isle of Wight for the first time, we’ve done some digging for you to help make your choice that little bit easier. Keep reading, and we will fill you in on the best lodges on the Isle of Wight

Hobbits Landing Lodge, Sandown

The perfect lodge for Tolkien fans? This beautiful lodge is very pet friendly and offers a king size bedroom for two people. There is a balcony with decking, a TV, a shower room, utilities, and a wood burner. There are also pond views as well as a kitchen suite.

This idyllic lodge location offers you pond views and rural living for a few days at a time. There is plenty of access to local dog walks and the sights of both Sandown and Shanklin. You’ll also be able to head out to local shops only a few minutes away.

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Willow End Lodge, Sandown

This lodge sleeps 2 people and offers space for one dog, with waterside views. It has a king size bed, a balcony with decking, room for one car to park off road, and a shower room complete with WC. There is a wood burner and two TV sets available.

Based in the heart of Sandown, this lovely property is close to a genuine Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is a great central base for exploring local towns and beach areas, and you’re never too far removed from civilisation. It could be the perfect breakaway spot for two on the Isle of Wight.

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Types of Accommodation To Expect

Cheap Weekend Breaks

Pet friendly accommodation on the Isle of Wight is definitely becoming more affordable. That includes short breaks for family groups as well as couples. A dog friendly holiday might be just a nice couple of days away from it all. Where better to go than the Isle of Wight?

Properties By The Coast & Beach

Of course – there is coast all around you when you visit the Isle of Wight! Therefore, you could take the time to tour the whole of the shoreline – though it’d take you a while! Start your journey and book into an amazing pet friendly lodge only a short distance from the beach.

With Hot Tubs

Fancy taking a dip in your own private hot tub? We really can’t blame you! One of the best added bonuses at many dog friendly properties on the Isle of Wight is the presence of a hot tub and patio. It’s a great way for you to unwind and relax.

1-2 Night Self Catering

Pet friendly self catering, too, is rife on the Isle of Wight. It’s really easy to find affordable self catering accommodation that welcomes dogs. However, what pet lovers might find difficult is narrowing down the choice! Stay for a couple of nights and ferry back home as soon as you like.

About Holidays on The Isle of Wight With Dogs

Holidays on the Isle of Wight are, naturally, going to start with the coast – if that’s your kind of thing! The wonderful beaches and amazing views on the sandy shorelines really do have to be experienced all for yourself. It’s a wonder why anyone would ever want to leave their pets at home! All the more reason to set off on a pet friendly holiday to the island with a lodge booking for you and the family.

From Yarmouth Castle all the way to Shanklin Chine, the Isle of Wight is full of character and history, and is also great for family seaside experiences. If you’re looking for that relaxed, seaside experience you’ve always dreamed of, there are few better places to book.

Check out the ancient heritage up at Carisbrooke Castle, or take your four legged friend on a tour of Freshwater Bay. You choose – just as long as you take in the sea views!

There’s nothing quite like the Isle of Wight for four legged holiday fun, and trust us when we say you should be looking for a fantastic ground floor domicile to come back to time and again. Of course, what you are ideally looking for in the best breaks away here may vary compared to the next person, but nothing really beats that amazing lodge or cabin experience with sea views all around.

Thankfully, holidays here – from Sandown, Isle of Wight cliffs to further inland, to St Helens and more – normally come with that quaint, authentic feel. You don’t have to rent a cottage out here to get access to the best of the holiday experience, as there’s always likely to be a cabin or two that might appeal to you. Why not look for somewhere with internet access, open plan living and a hot tub while you’re at it?

The Last Word

The heart of the Isle of Wight is absolutely ideal for couples looking to break away from the mainland. The Isle of Wight steam railway scene makes for a brilliant day out or two, and what’s more, there are beaches, castles and market scenes all around. Despite being part of the UK, the Isle of Wight really is its own entity, and it certainly feels that way in the best possible sense!

That’s also what makes the Isle of Wight such an amazing breakaway for pets. With fresh sea air and cobbled walkways, sandy walks and quaint town scenes, there are few better areas you can search for where you can bring a dog on holiday. That’s why searching for lodge and cabin properties in the region is a great idea.

Our favourites in terms of Isle of Wight lodges are dotted all over the island. Many are available for you to book close to the coastlines so you can explore the beaches with your pets, while others are closer to attractions such as the family resort of Blackgang Chine, the stunning walks up on Robin Hill, and the fun-filled days out at the Isle of Wight Zoo.

If you’re planning various walks and days out in and around the heart of the Isle of Wight, it really does make sense to take a look through the best cabin properties and special offers. The Isle of Wight’s log cabin scene is growing more and more, as people are looking for authentic holiday home accommodation in a rural style. Of course, the cabins and cottages available here are likely to be full of mod cons, too!

While it’s great to get up close to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Isle of Wight, why not hold out for that superfast Wi Fi? What about access to a swimming pool, or your own holiday home hot tub? Whether south coast, east coast or close to the outskirts of St Helens – or even the capital city of Newport – we’ve lined up some great breakaway choices we know you’re going to love. Don’t leave your pets behind – explore the Isle of Wight with your dogs all year round via pet friendly breaks!

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