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Is there anything quite like South West dog friendly log cabins? From Cornwall to Bristol, Devon, Wiltshire and everywhere in between, this is a corner of the country that remains seriously popular with the British holidaymaking masses.

Lodges and log cabins are becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers wanting to explore the South West coast. There’s something really authentic about renting your own lodge while exploring the wider coast and countryside at your own pace. Why not find your own private little nook, and bring your dog along for some fun while you’re at it?

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Ready to wind down after a day of country and coastal walks on your own private decking? We really can’t blame you. It’s time to start looking for that ideal nook. Is it a cabin, a lodge, a chalet or a ground floor apartment? You be the judge – take a look at what’s on offer across the region and these stunning counties.

About Lodges in the South West with Dogs

It’s pretty safe to say that the South West is an absolute haven for dogs and their owners, and that’s largely thanks to the amazing coastal stretches as well as the countryside backing you’ll see for miles and miles around.

Lodge holidays in the South West will give you and your loved ones the chance to properly relax before taking on all manner of walks and trails across Dorset, Cornwall and more. Want to see what the region has to offer you and your pup? We’ve lined up seven great attractions you can both enjoy together in the South West.

Activities & Attractions


The Jurassic Coast

Blistering across Devon and Dorset, no dog friendly holiday in the South West is quite complete without a walk along some of the majestic Jurassic Coast. It gets its fabulous name from its ancient stature – it’s been a part of the landscape for millions of years!

This is a famous filming location, and what’s more, there are plenty of lovely towns and villages dotted across the ridges and cliffsides. It’s a breath-taking trail that’s impossible to take in all at once. That’s all the more reason to book yourself that perfect breakaway spot nearby.


The Eden Project

Cornwall’s Eden project is a fantastic and famous exhibition that shows off the best of flora and plant life, and even those which aren’t native to the area! This extensive biodome really is a magnificent sight, and even better is the fact that you can bring a pet along to explore it all with you. It feels like a strange mix between an indoor walk and an outdoor stroll, but in the best possible way.

If you have more than a passing interest in plants and want to take your dog somewhere different, then the Eden Project is going to be a key point to explore the next time you head down to Cornwall.


Exmoor National Park

If there’s one thing the South West does wonderfully well, it’s National Parks. Not only does the area boast Dartmoor, it plays host to the wonderfully hilly and craggy Exmoor National Park, a lovely dog walking extravaganza that goes on for miles and miles. It offers that rare combination of coast and countryside, meaning you and your pet can take in some lush walks all the while breathing in that unbeatable sea air. What’s not to love?

This is a park that crosses borders, meaning you can easily head off to explore wider Somerset as well as Devon.


Peto Gardens, Iford Manor

Close to Bradford on Avon, the Peto Gardens at Iford Manor are open to dogs and their owners providing you keep them on a close leash! This is a Wiltshire estate with some fantastic history behind it. In fact, it was used all the way back in the early 20th century, and was once under the ownership of Harold Peto, a famous architect. Hence Peto Gardens!

This glorious, floral walking spot offers you around 2.5 acres of lovely private space to walk through, flanked by intriguing architecture and pieces spread out across the gardens.


The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Heading back to Cornwall, make sure to head down to the Lost Gardens of Heligan for a walking experience quite unlike any other. Beyond the impressively intriguing name, the green walks available here will take you deep into 19th century garden land, with over 200 acres of spectacular greenery for you and your pets to take in at your leisure.

There are tons of wonderful artworks and sculpture pieces out here, too, meaning there is always going to be something for you to marvel at. The Lost Gardens really are a treat for anyone who’s looking for more than sandy stretches to explore with their pets in the heart of Cornwall.


The Rodwell Trail

If we listed absolutely every wonderful dog walk that Dorset has to offer, we’d be here a very long time! However, the Rodwell Trail is a definite highlight, and one that perhaps gets overlooked from time to time. This is a trail based around Sandsfoot Castle, the ruins of a keep that once belonged to King Henry VIII.

This trail was once a railway line, in fact, meaning there’s transport and industrial history to marvel at, too. The Rodwell Trail is completely pet friendly and offers you amazing sea views across Portland and more.


Cheddar Gorge

Take it from us – you simply can’t explore Somerset without taking in Cheddar Gorge at some point! This magnificent county landmark is easily one of the most astounding natural wonders of ancient England. Boasting all kinds of caves, coves and nooks, this is an adventurous day out for pet owners and their dogs.

Therefore, when exploring Cheddar Gorge, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution. There are some pretty tall drops along here – meaning you are going to need to keep your pup on a short lead all the way around. Do check out the village of Cheddar, too!

The Last Word

Pet friendly lodges in the South West still remain some of the most popular in the country. This really is a hotbed of country and coastal fun, and it’s ideal for photographers and hikers to explore at their leisure. All the more reason, then, to hunt down that perfect lodge break in the region – so you’ll have somewhere cosy and modern to head back to after a long day of deeper exploration.

Check out some of the best lodges and cabins we’ve found in the South West for you, your family and your pets to stay in. There are counties that stretch for miles and miles – with sea views, rugged rocks and ancient sites just begging for exploration.

If you’ve never seen the best of Cornwall, Somerset and Devon before, now really is the time to make a change. Book the most idyllic dog friendly lodges in the South West and take it all in whenever you’re ready to adventure further!

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