Dog Friendly Pubs in Cambridgeshire

Are you taking a much-needed break with your pets in the heart of Cambridgeshire? Then you are probably interested in looking for the best dog friendly pubs in Cambridgeshire, from the village of Elton out towards the city of Peterborough. Cambs is a county that blends together waterside walks, green trails and city interests alike, making it a fantastic region to explore with pets. Why not research some Cambridgeshire pubs that allow dogs?

Dog Friendly Pubs in Cambridgeshire

There are so many lovely tourist spots and attractions out here. From the fantastic heritage at Anglesey Abbey to the stunning architecture of Ely Cathedral, it’s safe to say that this is a pretty majestic region to tour, whether you have your pets with you or not. Of course, for the best walks in the region, you’re going to want to tour the Great Ouse Valley, Fermyn Woods and the Magog Downs.

But what about when you and your four legged friend fancy taking a bit of a break? Maybe it’s time to find yourself some good old pub grub as well as a fresh bowl of water for your dog. In this list, we’ve served up seven of the best dog-friendly pubs and on this page, we have all the dog activities in Cambridgeshire. These are cosy, welcoming and quintessential English drinking and dining spots, offering more than just the odd pint.

When you take a look around for pubs that take dogs in Cambridgeshire, you may well come across one or two that have tasty treats and bowls of water ready for your furry friends. Some will have large beer gardens, too, where you and your pup can stretch out and relax after a long day of walking. We think the waterside and green walks Cambs has to offer are complementary to the cracking pubs and eateries in the region.  

Our Top 7 Choices

Find below 7 of the best pet friendly pubs in Cambridgeshire.

1. The Free Press, Cambridge

Based in the heart of Cambridge itself, The Free Press is a little bit of a hidden gem. It’s tucked away nicely, and if you and your pup have spent an hour or so touring the city streets, you’re going to probably want somewhere cosy and characterful like this to head to for a relaxing pint or two. This is a great pub to visit if you are hot on your IPAs and other types of ale, and what’s more, you can bring your dog into the bar area. It’s also great for pub games and other entertainment staples. One of the best dog pubs!

2. The Black Horse, Elton

If you’re touring the villages of Cambridgeshire and happen across the village of Elton, then you’ll likely want to take your pet somewhere nice and friendly like the Black Horse! This pub offers an amazing al fresco zone and you can bring your pets into the bar area. This pub is well-known for its delicious Sunday lunch scene, meaning if you’re ready for a bit of time out from walking on a Sunday afternoon, then it’s well worth popping in here for a bite to eat. 

3. The Blue Ball Inn, Grantchester

The Blue Ball Inn is a brilliant pub in the heart of the village of Grantchester. Believe it or not, this pub is actually a staple location in the popular ITV series ‘Grantchester’, too! Famously dog friendly, this is a welcoming pub without any of the big, bright bells and whistles that you’d normally find in chain bars or gastropubs in the city. This pub is over 250 years old – it’s so old, there’s even some debate as to how it even got its name! It’s a Free House, and it’s a great drinking spot for walkers from around the local lanes and reaches.

4. The Lazy Otter, Ely

The Lazy Otter is a wonderful dog-friendly pub that offers brilliant access to the nearby River Ouse, meaning that if you fancy popping in for a quick drink or a bite to eat after a stroll along the waterside, you absolutely can. The ambience here is wonderful, and you can of course bring a pet with you to enjoy the cosiness. There’s a big garden zone here, too, so that you can look over the river while enjoying a well-earned drink or two. Maker sure to head here if you fancy connecting into Ely itself, too.

5. The Dog in a Doublet, Peterborough

The clue really is in the name here, meaning that if you and your pup are exploring Peterborough and its nearby walks, this drinking spot is likely to appeal to you. It is part of the Smoke and Embers line, and has actually won multiple awards in the region, too, for its commitment to pub grub. One of the best points to remember is that dogs are welcome here to enjoy the ambience, meaning there’s never any need to avoid the location just because you have a furry friend in tow.

6. The Oliver Cromwell, St Ives

The Oliver Cromwell is a delightful town pub that offers a nice country facade and a wonderful atmosphere for you and your pets to enjoy within. The pub is opposite the waterside and has lots of unique ales and blends on tap. You’ll enjoy the authentic, bright interiors, too, which are always professional and welcoming. This is a fantastic Camb pub that is more than welcoming to well behaved pets.

7. The Earl of Beaconsfield, Cambridge

The Earl of Beaconsfield is one of the most popular pubs within the vicinity of the Mill Road area in cambridge itself. Very famous in the area for its creative cuisine as well as its music and live entertainment, the Earl is also impressively dog friendly, allowing you to bring in your pup to enjoy the ambience. The beer garden is private and is well-presented, making it ideal for anyone looking to sit back and relax with a pint al fresco. And why wouldn’t you, honestly?

Last Word

There really is something about Cambridgeshire that appeals to dog owners. Whether it’s the quaint streets, the best dog walks in Cambridgeshire or the striking architecture or the riverside walks, we’re not too sure – but we do think there’s plenty for you to see and explore here. All the more reason, then, to start looking for a dog friendly pub or two in the region while you go on all kinds of adventures. Keep in mind that our ‘top 7’ above is only the tip of the iceberg – there really is lots to see and drink in across Cambs! If you need a range of pet friendly cottages in Cambridgeshire or pet friendly log cabins in Cambridgeshire then check out our in-depth guides.

Want to add your own establishment to our list of the Cambridgeshire dog friendly pubs? Get in touch with us ASAP!