7 of the Best Dog Friendly Pubs in Inverness

If you fancy taking some time out at the best dog friendly pubs in Inverness, you’re spoilt for choice – and we’ve gone to the effort of hunting down seven of the best. Don’t waste a single moment going in and out of pubs that might not welcome your pet! We can personally vouch for all the following pubs that take dogs offering wonderful hospitality.

The Best Pubs in Inverness where Dogs are Welcome

Spending the day monster-hunting with your four legged friend can be pretty tiring! There is nothing better, however, than rewarding yourself with a well-deserved drink and some classic Scottish pub grub – and Inverness dog pubs are absolutely some of the friendliest and warmest you’ll find north of the border,

Inverness is referred to as the ‘capital of the Highlands’ – that’s largely thanks to its city conveniences, its links across wider Scotland, and its brilliant wild and wooly walks. Why not look for some dog friendly days out in Inverness, too?

From great food and a wide variety of drinks, to spectacular lochside views and perfect settings, these pubs each have their particular perks, but all share one common point: they will happily welcome your dog inside, with a kind face and a fresh bowl of water. Walking through the wilds of Inverness is thirsty work, and for that reason, we’re here to offer you some light relief. 

Our Top 7 Choices 

The Clachnaharry Inn 

This 17th Century spot was named the ‘Dog Friendly Pub of the Year’ for Scotland in 2013, and ‘Dog Buddy Pub’ of the Highlands in 2018, so yes, you can bet that your dog will be welcome here! In fact, there are treats in the dog biscuit barrel and a drink from the multiple water stations that are waiting for them. 

Going for an award-winning pub isn’t a requirement, but accolades like these certainly help. This warm, traditional inn is lovely for dogs and their owners alike. Check out some of the best dog walks in Inverness close by, too.


This is actually a bar, and quite a modern one at that! It is a great place for live music and a glass of something strong! They also make very well-reviewed food and are, of course, very dog friendly. Not everywhere in Inverness is classical or so old-school – take a look around and you’ll see what we mean.

There are frequent musical events at this bar, including appearances from the bar’s founder, Bruce MacGregor, member of the Scottish band Blazin’ Fiddles. This bar is a great place to head for an evening of good food, good wine and good entertainment. The best part being that you can share all of this with your four-legged friend! 

Scotch and Rye 

This pub is a part of a chain and is known for being an ideal spot for home-made burgers, hot dogs and beer! 

Although that doesn’t sound like particularly traditional pub food, gastropub treats are very popular with the Inverness massive. What’s more, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to share some of your dinner with your dog!

The Scotch and Rye is a brilliant launchpad for all kinds of adventures deep into Inverness, meaning we highly recommend you head here first. Grab some treats and a bowl of water for your pup.

The Castle Tavern 

This pub from the 1700s got its name thanks to its position, right opposite Inverness Castle. If the view of the castle isn’t enough to please you, then you will be glad to know that the pub also has views over the River Ness. 

The pub offers a variety of beers, to be drunk inside or outside – great for enjoying with those stunning waterside and historic views. Dogs are welcome here and will perhaps enjoy a fresh bowl of water before starting down on the Great Glen Way Trail with you. 

Fluke Pub 

This pub is great for all of the foodies out there! From standard pub food to burgers and vegan options, as well as a great kid’s menu, there’s lots to sample. 

This is definitely a family friendly pub, and by family, we’re including dogs. Pets are welcome in Fluke’s main pub area, with traditional pub decor and atmosphere abound.

This pub is also a great place to kick off your day hunting for the Loch Ness monster, or to settle down after spending a day exploring the modern sights of Inverness.

The Three Witches 

This pub is yet another for our list that is perfect for families. With a carvery inside that is open all week, with vegetarian options, as well as a children’s menu and its own playground, there is enough to keep everyone happy. 

The pub prides itself on using only ethically sourced ingredients, making it a sustainable and responsible choice for any dog lovers wanting to do their bit for the environment. On top of all of this, of course, is that you can bring your pets inside. Head here for a drink or dinner in the heart of Inverness.

Gellions Bar 

The last pub in the list is quite possibly the most famous one in Inverness. Known as being the oldest venue in the district, this bar has live music all throughout the week and a wide variety of gins, whisky and beers. 

This pub is indeed dog friendly, but on weekend evenings, when the music gets loud and everyone starts dancing, it may be a bit much for your four-legged friend. So, if you absolutely want to try this bar with your pet, maybe opt for weekday evenings or lunchtimes. 

Last Word

If you are planning your trip to Inverness or are desperate to spend some time with your dog in a local pub on the back of a walk, pick from the best of the best listed above. Of course, this is only really the tip of the iceberg. You might even find yourself something from this list of cottages to explore Inverness with your furry friend. There are likely more Inverness pubs that allow dogs elsewhere – so get hunting. If you want something a bit more unique, then see all the pet friendly log cabins in Inverness.

Own one of the best Inverness dog friendly pubs? Make sure to let us know and we might just have a spot for you on our list.