Yorkshire Dog-Friendly Public Transportation Options (Guide)

Dog enjoying a ride on Yorkshire's dog-friendly public transportation, exploring the beautiful landscape with their owner."

Yorkshire, a popular destination for dog owners, is known for its stunning landscapes and attractions, making it an ideal spot for a pet-friendly getaway.

If your on holiday or taking a weekend break with the dog in Yorkshire, an essential aspect of exploring this picturesque region with your furry friend is utilising dog-friendly public transportation.

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Yorkshire's Pet Friendly Travel Options

Below, we will guide you through Yorkshire’s various pet-friendly transport options, ensuring your adventures are as smooth as possible.

National Rail – Canine Companions on Track

Travelling on National Rail with your canine companion is a breeze. Each passenger can bring up to two dogs without extra costs, provided they don’t occupy a seat.

For overnight journeys, dogs must be kept in sleeper cabins. To make the journey comfortable for you and your pet, bring a pet carrier or blanket, ensure your dog is well-behaved, and always keep them on a lead.

Did you know that Yorkshire has the largest amount of dog-friendly beaches in England, making it a coastal paradise for you and your furry friend?

East Yorkshire Buses – Hopping Aboard with Furry Friends

East Yorkshire Buses allow one small dog per passenger, ensuring safe and secure travel. Dogs must be on a lead, and carrying a muzzle is a good idea if necessary. To make the experience enjoyable, avoid busy times and be mindful of other passengers.

A green yorkshire bus in leeds

Arriva Buses – Exploring Yorkshire with Your Pooch

Arriva Buses offer dog-friendly policies that make exploring Yorkshire a joy. Please keep your dog on a lead and ensure they are well-behaved to guarantee a smooth journey. With popular routes leading to charming destinations like Whitby and Scarborough, discovering Yorkshire with your pet has never been easier.

Northern Rail – Northern Adventures with Your Canine Companion

Northern Rail shares similar dog policies to National Rail, making it another excellent option for dog owners. To ensure a stress-free trip, prepare your dog for the journey and bring all necessary supplies. Some notable dog-friendly destinations accessible by Northern Rail include the beautiful Yorkshire Coast.

TransPennine Express – Cross-Region Travel with Pets

Travel with your dog on the TransPennine Express following rules similar to National Rails. To prepare for a long journey with your pet, pack food, water, and any required medication, along with a comfortable bed or blanket. Exploring the Pennines with your dog will create unforgettable memories.

A picture of the transpennine express

One amazing fact is that the historic city of York boasts over 30 dog-friendly pubs, so you’ll never be short of places to enjoy a pint with your pooch.

Dales Bus – A Scenic Ride through the Yorkshire Dales with Your Dog

The Dales Bus is a fantastic option for taking in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales with your canine companion. Enjoy the scenic route by following simple tips, such as keeping your dog on a lead and being considerate of other passengers. Remember to explore the Yorkshire Dales highlights with your furry friend.

Yorkshire is home to England’s largest continuous medieval forest, the Forest of Bowland, offering a fantastic, dog-friendly adventure through ancient woodlands and dramatic landscapes.

Unique Dog-Friendly Transport Options in Yorkshire

Yorkshire also offers several unique dog-friendly transport options:

Saltburn Cliff Tramway

Enjoy breathtaking coastal views with your pet on this historic tramway.

An image of Saltburn cliff tramway interior

Shipley Glen Tramway

Take a historical journey with your furry friend on this charming, dog-friendly tramway.

Leeds Water Taxis:

Cruise the canals with your canine companion on these pet-friendly water taxis.


Can you take dogs on buses in Yorkshire?

Certainly! Dogs are allowed on buses in Yorkshire, but always check each company’s specific policies regarding size, leash requirements, and the number of dogs permitted.

Are dogs allowed on trains in Yorkshire?

Yes, dogs can travel on trains in Yorkshire. Follow the train operators’ rules, such as keeping your pet on a leash and not occupying seats.

Can you take dogs on buses in West Yorkshire?

Absolutely! Dogs can ride on buses in West Yorkshire. Review each bus company’s guidelines for size, leash requirements, and the number of dogs they allow.

Last Word

Yorkshire boasts an array of dog-friendly public transportation options that make exploring the region with your pet a breeze. Whether by train, bus, or even water taxi, there’s no shortage of adventures awaiting you and your furry friend.

Remember responsible pet ownership while using public transportation, ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience. Now, grab your lead and embark on a memorable journey, discovering Yorkshires fantastic dog-friendly days out and attractions. Happy travels!



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